Sariayu Color Trend for 2012: Etnika Nusa Tenggara

Among the 2012 trends being launched, one that is much anticipated with its Trend Warna collection was Sariayu Martha Tilaar. The brand have added colors in Indonesia’s beauty industry with inspirations taken from the richness of Indonesian culture and nature. A collection of Trend Warna is launched every year and now it enters its 26th year. For 2012 Trend Warna, Sariayu presents a collection titled Etnika Nusa Tenggara inspired by the beauty of Eastern part of Indonesia.

As the name implies, Etnika Nusa Tenggara collection tries to depict the beauty of both nature and culture in Nusa Tenggara. Rich culture of Nusa Tenggara is reflected in its tenun that has distinctive motifs and colors. One of the areas in Nusa Tenggara that produces beautiful tenun and has other cultural arts such as traditional dance and carving is Bena village. That’s why Sariayu created Bena collection as part of Etnika Nusa Tenggara that’s dedicated to the culture.

Besides Bena collection, Sariayu also creates Kelimutu collection. Among the many choices of inspirations from Nusa Tenggara, Sariayu chose Kelimutu lake to be translated into their products. It’s because Kelimutu lake looks magical and impressive with its three different colors: blue, turquoise and green. Each of these collections consists of a lipstick, two colors of duo lip function and an eyeshadow trio.

What’s special from Etnika Nusa Tenggara, it also has some new products which are:

  • Eye Liner Sariayu: pencil eyeliner that comes in choices of colors: brown and black.
  • Automatic Eye Brow Sariayu: automatic eyebrow pencil that features eyebrow brush on one of its sides.
  • Clear Lip Gloss
  • Shimmering Powder: compact shimmering powder that has 4 colors in a package, white for highlighting, pink as blush on, brown for shading and creme. When all the colors are blended together, it promises to give soft and shimmering effect.

After looking at the photos, which product do you plan to try?