20 years in True Colors: Bobbi Brown

What did you find so magnificent in Bobbi Brown make-up, especially their lip color collections? The journey to find the perfect match, the exact shade of lipstick is never easy, and perhaps, never will. We learned that Bobbi Brown is known for its  ability to enhance, rather than camouflage, women’s natural beauty. For lip color addict, a Bobbi Brown lipstick undeniably belongs to the must-have category.

20 years ago, make up artist Bobbi Brown decided to create her own lip colors to complement women’s features. In 1991, she designed 10 shades of lip colors, with one objective, they had to be easily wearable. The colors were brown based, as it’s the closest to every women natural hues.

They had a huge positive respond, and the brand became very popular for its best ‘me but better’ colors.

(I once personally got Bobbi Brown millenium palette, the one she designed specially for welcoming Y2K. The palette had a totally futuristic touch, without leaving its original color range)
And this year, to celebrate 20 years of existence of this brand, Bobbi Brown launched the limited edition 20th Anniversary Lip Palette, with 20 exquisite colors in it. The first 10 colors are the original colors of her design, and the rest are 10 punchy colors, a collection of sunny, powerful pinks and reds, and rich berries.

Referring to their website, the palette costs $60, just a ‘give the go-ahead’ amount for a collectible palette like this. You might want to pass by Singapore to have this item though, since its confirmed that it won’t be available in Indonesia.