Up2Date Defining the Future in Featurustic 2012

Up2date as a muslim fashion brand is already known for it fresh and innovative products. As in previous years, on December 15th 2011 Up2date held their annual fashion show, themed Featurustic 2012. This particular theme is a synergy from feature, future and rustic. The keyword, ‘rustic’ itself refers to typical of country or rural sensibility. The concept is to blend modernity and traditional, past and future, urban with rustic blend.

As Up2date signature style, the collections were wrapped in modern design, and this time with some Indonesian touches through the use of batik remek, tie dye, and modern printing batik. But we won’t find a strong batik look, since it came only in some parts of the outfit, beautifully grazed as a light touch. Batik remek itself, as we found out during the press conference, is a result from particular technique in batik. After the wax sticks and dries on a piece of cloth, then it is squeezed, so the wax will form some cracks, creating specific pattern after dying process.  The tie dye pattern were also specifically created by the designers.

Mix and match, the art of layering also have long been a characteristic in Up2date collections, with a certain type of material that will ensure wearers’ comfort. Various type of material were used, translated into some regular pieces like long dresses, skirts, palazzo, harem pants, vests, bolero, jackets and tunics, with an obvious playful and unexpected design. To add some fun, it came with a lot of wearable accessories. Say no more, you’ll be amazed by the collection as the attendees in Mulia Hotel Ballroom were, where the show took place.

Batik remek was converted into asymmetric outer (left), and green shirt (right) over an unusual cutting multi skirt.

And do you remember kutubaru, a vintage kebaya style? this piece was one of the key items in their collection line.


Photos by Arselan Ganin