Fashion and Beauty Essentials for 2011 Wajah Femina Finalists

When I heard of a beauty or modeling contest, I often get curious about the finalists. Are they look as pretty as seen in the magazine? How’s their personal style, are their outfit’s inspired by designers’ items they use during photoshot? And so on.. Then my curiosity quenched as I followed 2011 Wajah Femina finalists in some activities they had during quarantine.

I came to John Robert Powers when the finalists were having Table Manner and Public Speaking classes as part of the quarantine. Since the dresscode for the classes was sackdress I saw them wearing in their own ways. Most of them layered with blazer. I was about to interview them about their personal style but unfortunately their schedule was too packed. So I planned to meet them again on the next day.

Then I came to Multi Function Room of Femina building on the next morning to see them on makeup and hairdo session for a photoshot. There I got the chance to ask some finalists about their essential fashion and beauty items.

Eveline Hartono

Signature style: For my daily activities, I prefer simple style; skinny jeans, T-shirt, or blouse. To look a bit dressy yet casual, I pick blouse that made of chiffon. While for formal occasion, I love mini dresses with feminine details like flower or ribbon.

Daily makeup: Face powder, blush on, lipstick.

Makeup for formal occassion: Full makeup with dark eyeshadow like brown or grey, faux lashes, and shading. I like wearing dark eyeshadow my eyes are small, so I want to make them look bigger.

Must bring beauty items: Face powder and blush on.

Recent purchase: Silver stiletto with 14 cm heels, because I wear high heels much for fashion show or photoshot (with minimum 9 or 10 cm high). FYI, during Wajah Femina quarantine, all the finalists were asked to wear high heels with minimum 7 cm height.


Ayu Lestari Putri Gani

Signature style: Casual, androgyny and I love wearing boots.

Daily makeup: I just need eyeliner and eyelash curler. Yes, only eyelash curler without the mascara.

Makeup for formal occasion: I don’t like wearing foundation, but eyeshadow is important when I attend formal occasion. I also dislike wearing false eyelashes because they feel heavy on my eyes.

Recent purchase: Blush on and a dress. This is the first dress I ever bought since I love androgyny style instead of looking feminine. 

Must bring beauty items: Eyeliner and eyelash curler




Cynthia Amanda S.

Signature style: A bit tomboy and not to girly

Daily makeup: Natural makeup with powder, eyeliner and lipgloss

Makeup for formal occasion: Full makeup

Recent purchase: Red and nude lipstick

Must bring beauty items: Face powder and eyeliner. If I forgot to bring them, I’m afraid I would look as if I just wake up from sleeping.