Peel Off Your Skin Impurities with Garnier Lightening Peel-off Mask

As I posted before, weekend is my time to play with skin and body care and to take leisurely shower that I don’t get to do during the weekdays. This time, instead of my trusty Viva Bengkoang mask, I have a new thing to play with!

I’m trying the Garnier Lightening Peel-off mask with pure lemon essence that promises to instantly illuminate your complexion. It is sold in sachets, and packaged such that a sachet  is enough for 2 applications. For this alone, I’m giving them props. More often than not, I don’t know how much product I should use. By packaging the mask in convenient, measured portions, I can simply tear off a portion of the sachet and I know that there will be enough product for one application.

The mask comes in thick, gummy-ish yellow texture. Just empty the sachet to your palm, and work the mask to your clean face with your fingers. Word of advice, make sure that you are wearing head bands to keep your hair out of the way because the mask is really sticky. Leave the mask for 15 minutes until it completely dries, then slowly peel off the mask starting from your chin, all the way to your temple. Then, wash your face again to remove residues and you’re done!

Garnier peel off mask

I love how my skin feels after using this mask, taut and refreshed, and it stays like that for some time (an hour or so?). Being a creamy texture, I feel that the mask can get into my pores. When it dried and removed, it also unclogged my pores. I do not think that it “instantly reveals a brighter complexion” as promised on the package, because I did not see any difference with my dark spots. But again, is there any product that really works in an instant?

Aside from the refreshed feeling I got and the nice packaging, another thing I like about this mask that it is easy to remove. I’ve tried some peel-off masks in the past that did not come off easily, instead they broke and I had to pick them in pieces. I also love how clean this mask comes off, compared to the powdered mask that will leave you with white flakes all over the place. However, I find the smell is overpowering, especially when it has not completely dried off. I was expecting something nice and lemony, instead it came off strong like alcohol. I’ve been using this mask twice and every time I still find the smell to be offensive. The instruction on the package also fails to mention how frequent you should use the mask. Just like other masks, I think that once a week is enough.

Now, will I use this mask again? I will. I like the convenience of it, I like how clean my skin feels after usage, and I think after repeated use, it will deliver some of the results it promised. If you also want to try Garnier Lightening Peel-off Mask, find them at drugstores or supermarket. Price varies at around Rp. 11,000 per sachet for two applications, and let me know how do you like them in the comments!