Tutorial: A Wavy Hair-Like Hijab

Another hijab style that is easily done in less than five minutes. The hijab tutorial that we’re going to show below will give you a “wavy hair” lookalike. This hijab style is applicable and will fit perfectly with shawl which is more than 1.8m long.  Choose hijab with delicate fabric, flowy but not slippery and doesn’t easily crease, such as rayon or some types of silk. The right material combined with the right folding steps that we’re going to show below are the keys to create a wavy hair-like style.

The end result

What we need:

  • An inner or underscarf. Either a ‘ninja’ inner which covers all around your face, or just a simple inner will do.
  • Long shawl, 1.8m in length or more.
  • Hijab bun or hair clamp.
  • Pins.

Step by step tutorial:

1. Put on your hair bun, then wear your inner in a position most comfortable to you.

2. Place the shawl with one side longer. Here I have the short end on my left, and the longer one on my right

3. Take the longer side through the back of your neck, then bring it up front, now both sides are on your left

4. Still the same side (longer), bring it to front, so it covers your chest then bring it to the back.

5. Then secure it on the left shoulder, place it under the other side of the shawl. You can also pin it here.

6. And for the other side of the shawl (the shorter one), extend the width then lift it upward (see picture) so it makes a fold. Bring the edge on top of your head. Place it proportionally over the bun.

7. Pin it on the edge of the shawl. And you’re done :)