Get Your Own Pleasure in Magnum Pleasure 365

Sometimes people forget that pleasure is essential, the right to life which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere from the simple to the luxurious to make life more meaningful because a day without pleasure is a lost day. That’s why Wall’s Magnum held an event to celebrate both pleasure and chocolate. It’s Magnum Pleasure 365 that run from December 8-11, 2011 at the atrium of Senayan City.

What’s in Magnum Pleasure 365? You can find various chocolate experiences; browsing through the installation that showcase luxury branded items coated with chocolate like bag, watched, jewelry and so on. To meet man pleasure, there will be several men’s favorite items such as snooker and guitar that are chocolate-coated too. Check the giant chocolate fountain where pleasure seekers can dip their pleasure object.

Visitor can also enjoy Magnum dipping where your Magnum ice cream is dipped and added with your favorite toppings. Was that all? No. There was also performances by Dira Sugandi, Tompi Andin, Soulvibe in Magnum Pleasure 365. Last but not least, pleasure seekers can also get luxury objects of their dream through Magnum Pleasure Bidding with Magnum sticks and purchase receipt. Pleasure Magum Bidding Period 2 ended on December 9, 2011, lets hope that there’s going to be another one coming. Further information

Collaborating with Jakarta Fashion Week, Magnum Pleasure 365 also had a fashion show on Dec 8, 2011 which paraded chocolate-layered dresses from 5 Indonesian designers: Tex Saverio, Priyo Octaviano, Stella Rissa, Barli Asmara and Aguste Susastro. These dresses were coated with chocolate by world-class chocolatier master, Andy Van Den Broeck.

Auguste Soesastro

Barli Asmara


Priyo Oktaviano


Stella Rissa


Tex Xaverio

Anyone visited Magnum Pleasure 365? What pleasure did you get from the event?