Seeing Perfection in Imperfection

I’ve been looking for a colourful blazer for the longest time, but never actually bought one because nowadays I hardly wear outerwear thanks to the super hot weather! Whereas with the Fall/Winter collection in store at the moment, most of the outerwear sold have very thick materials.

When I found this aqua-colored blazer at a one of the garage sale booths during Pinktober Bake Sale and Bazaar, I knew immediately that I had to get it. It’s made from a very light satiny material that doesn’t feel heavy at all. Turns out, there’s a tear alongside the sleeve side. Well, this isn’t a problem my trusted ‘permak Levis’ guy¬†couldn’t solve and because of this faulty, I got this hardly-used-in-mint-condition blazer for really cheap price!

My word of advice, when you go to a garage sale or hunt for vintage items and you find an item that you like but they have minor imperfections, take into consideration whether this faulty can still be fixed or not. Is it a major work or not? Lastly, whether you can have this imperfection fixed with minor cost or not. If you think you can work it out, then you definitely should get it.

  • Blazer: River Island
  • Tank top: La Senza
  • Pants: Mango
  • Leather Belt: Mango
  • Shoes: Melissa Harajuku
  • Necklaces: Forever 21 (Owl necklace) and Oasis (Star necklace)