Warm Vanilla Scented Lotion from Bodycology

Do you prefer body butter or body lotion for daily use? I prefer something that doesn’t feel too thick nor too thin, especially during a day that feels very dry. I love body lotions because they absorb really fast into my skin but on some days, I will aim for body cream or body butter.

Bath and Body Works (BBW) has one of the most amazing body creams I’ve ever tried to date. It has a nice thick consistency, yet it doesn’t feel too sticky on my skin and it’s able to moisturize my skin well throughout the day. Also, I’ve found two of my favourite scents at BBW, that is the Warm Vanilla Sugar and Chocolate Amber (sadly, discontinued). The only problem that I’ve got with this brand is that it’s not readily available in Indonesia, unless of course you find the product that you want at Market Plaza.

On one fine day, I came across the Bodycology Vanilla Amber Musk Body Cream. The packaging of Bodycology itself somehow always reminds me of BBW’s packaging back in the days. As I brought the bottle to my nose, I smelled a very strong sweet and creamy vanilla smell that I love from BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar. It was on promotion for Rp 25,000, so I purchased it right away without any second thought at all.

The formula is somewhat thicker than BBW body cream, it’s a bit fluffy, but melts nicely into the skin. It dries quite well to the skin and not sticky at all. Most importantly, it moisturizes for a whole day throughout my activity.

Now onto the scent. I put this bottle on my bathroom, and as I opened the door of my bathroom I could smell a faint smell of vanilla. I thought, wow the scent is really THAT strong. But as I put the cream into my skin, surprisingly it was the warm amber musk that dominated the air. I sniffed my skin just to make sure, it was really the warm amber musk scent that took center stage with a hint of creamy vanilla in the background. Quite surprising how the vanilla scent whiff was so strong before application.

I would say the Bodycology Vanilla Amber Musk is a combination of Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar and Chocolate Amber. Two of my favourite scents combined!

It would be perfect for those who like vanilla scent but don’t like sweet scents. After 15 minutes or so the amber musk scent will eventually subside but it still lingers faintly and all you can smell is something creamy. Don’t layer this lotion with floral or fruity fragrance. Something a bit musky but light would be perfect as well as some light gourmand note fragrances.