Ina’s Scarf ‘Batu Series’, Handmade Woven Scarf

I remember the first time Ina’s Scarf hit the market, it was when the big waves of cotton shawl and tie dye took over any other types of scarfs out there and became very popular and trending among veil/headscarves wearer . They beat the ‘rules’ obviously. People usually went for soft-cottony, or flowy and flowery -romantic material for hijab or headscarf. Ina’s Scarf offered something new to the market, confidently, by bringing a wide range of different materials. Batik, handmade woven, knitting, handprint, and all of them are from local craftsmen and the products have a traditional Indonesian distinctive style.

With such fascinating, eye catching and strong statement, Ina’s Scarf confidently shared their value to the audience. They have distinctive colors and prints, and with the local pride, and they continuously come up with bold design. From diverse range of materials and colors to choose (I can barely choose), who wouldn’t fall for these ‘batu’ pattern. These are ‘batu kerikil’ and ‘batu ngampar’ in the picture. It brings traditional characteristic in a subtle way, yet infuse a contemporary touch within its irregular shape in tidy arrangement. There are many bright colors to choose from, wear it loose, in any way you like.

Batu Kerikil and Batu Ngampar scarves

You can have this scarf for Rp 150,000. Ina’s Scarf is now available in several outlets in Jakarta and Bandung, and soon in other cities. You can also order online at their webstore. Don’t forget to check some fun ideas in wearing Ina’s Scarf, on their blog.