Recent Purchase: A Wedge to Colour Up My Outfit

You can all remember this moment where I got myself yet another pair of Heatwave shoes as the moment where I ‘kemakan iklan website sendiri!‘ I humbly took that line from Affi, where she blamed me on one fine day for writing a product recommendation that was so convincing she decided to buy the product.

Prior to Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, I got myself a pair of really high black patent wedges from Heatwave’s store at Mal Taman Anggrek. This particular pair is a courtesy of Heatwave because they wanted me to try on how comfortable their shoes are even though all materials are man made. I got the chance to talk to people at Heatwave where they explained to me that even though the pricing are quite affordable, but they put high value on the craftsmanship. A model can be reworked up to six times to find the best fit and to make sure that the shoes are comfortable. The material of the upper and the lining are very flexible so that they wouldn’t hurt your feet. They call it as “quality with a human touch”. I even used the wedges for the first time during JFW where I had to be on the venue, running from one show to the next and, other than the height, there was really nothing to complain about.

Coming back to the office fresh from JFW, I found myself staring at the right side banner of Female Daily displaying array of shoes from Heatwave. So I clicked it, what followed next, well you know what happened right … a box of shoes came straight to Wisma 31 :)

I love the combination of faux exotic leather texture and aqua colour. They will definitely brighten up my outfit which predominantly consist of black. The fact that they’re only Rp 349,000 doesn’t make me feel guilty at all and all I need to do is to shop for what I want from their online shop. Surprisingly, they also carry half sizes, I usually have an odd between 38 to 39 size for some shoes and with Heatwave I can just pick 38.5 right away.

My favourite part is actually the slight curve at the side of the shoes.

You can see the details in the photos below and see what they really meant with craftsmanship. After all, a well made shoes don’t have to be expensive right?

If you’re interested to get the shoes from Heatwave just click the banner on our Female Daily site and purchase it right away.