JFW 2012 Day 6: Michelle Worth and Marissa Nasution’s Fashionable Collaboration

It must be fun if we can collaborate with our best friends to create something spectacular like a fashion show. Michelle Worth and Marissa Nasution did just that on the sixth day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012.

I still remember their previous collaboration when Michelle Worth showcased the Spring/Summer 2011 collection since it was the first fashion show I reported for Fashionese Daily :) Michelle designed the attires while Marissa created the shoes so it was just a right collaboration of fashion. Michelle’s collection was inspired by spectrum of lights from the outer space with design that had neon colors, strong cutting and lines. The shoes from Dollhouse by Marissa fitted the attires perfectly.

For JFW 2012, together they presented a fashion show titled “Pandora” inspired by their holiday together in Bali. Michelle divided the show into two sequences. The first sequences featured cocktail dresses in pastel colors such as grey and soft purple that were said said to reflect the colors of beach and sunset in Bali. Even though the dresses had minimalist details, the whole look didn’t appear boring since Dollhouse’ shoes added a pop of colors as you can see from the photos below.

Then on the next sequence, the models paraded Michelle’s cheongsam from her cheongsam couture line, Opium. Why she decided to design cheongsam is because her great-grandmother in Shanghai loved to wear cheongsam. She even wore cheongsam until the day she passed away. In this fashion show, Michele designed cheongsams with contemporary twist so they didn’t look old-fashioned. “For young people today, wearing cheongsam seems to be an old-fashioned thing, so I wanted to design cheongsam that look modern,” said Michelle.

Red was a dominant color in her cheongsam collection. It’s no surprise since Chinese people believe that red is the color of celebration and good luck. That’s why we can see red is everywhere when it comes to Chinese New Year or a wedding of Chinese couple. Besides red, other colors like electric blue and white also popped in the fashion show. Michelle played with various detail in her cheongsams such as fringe, pleats, see through fabric and even painting.

The fashion show was also spiced up by some TV presenters and celebrities that walked the runway as models. They were Marissa’s fellow infotainment hosts, Venita Arie and Ersa Mayorie. But the ones who got the loudest applause was Aming and Julia Perez!