The Importance of Staying Dry and Confident While Shopping

Have you ever seen Rexona Powder Dry TV advertisement that shows two girls racing to buy a handbag displayed on the store? One of the girls doesn’t get the bags since she is unconfident to raise her arm and grab the bag. On the other hands, the other girl whose underarm is dry is confident enough to win the bag. The ad reflects a phenomenon that likely happens to women. As a woman, who wouldn’t love to shop? I believe most women enjoy this activity so much that they might spend hours and much energy to browse and buy the stuff they want. And when the sale season comes, women need to move fast so they will get the good stuffs.

The story in that advertisement turned real as Rexona held Rexona Shopping Experience last Saturday, November 5, 2011 at Central Park Mall, Jakarta. Rexona Shopping Experience was opened for the 100 female who register by following the steps as explained in @rexona_id Twitter timeline.  There are 5 designer bags from the latest Fall/Winter 2011 collection for 5 winners who first complete all the tasks in Rexona Shopping Experience, which made me envious of the winners.

I was at Central Park Mall that day and I witnessed how fun Rexona Shopping Experience was. So how’s the mechanism of Rexona Shopping Experience? First, all contestants were given shopping voucher to buy some items. They had to solve the clues to find out what the items were. I saw them running and sometimes jostling with each other to get the items, I could imagine how sweaty they all get after the challenge. Lucky for them, they could rely on Rexona Powder Dry to stay dry throughout the challenge. After they completed the shopping tasks, the contestants need to follow the clue and complete other tasks, such as taking picture with mall security officer. It was really fun to see all contestants were very enthusiast completing all tasks.

The winners of Rexona Shopping Experience were: @disinitania (Tania Adlinzila), @eviecwitt (Evie Yuanita), @selalutina (Tina), @ikaluvpink (Ika Seliana) and @reddicted (Margaret). They, of course, looked happy as they received the bags. Congratulation, ladies! For those who didn’t win the bag, they didn’t have to regret because Rexona gave them other gifts too.

“I had no idea that I would be one of the winners. I’m so happy. All my efforts in joining this race worth, I need to move fast, and I even fell when I run,” said Tania, one of the winners.

While Evie, another winner commented “I really enjoyed doing the race. It was fun although it made me feel tired. Thankfully, I have used Rexona regularly for long time. I also applied it this morning so I stay dry and confident during the race.”

“Seeing other contestants were very enthusiast and moved hurriedly during the race, I got motivated to complete the race fast,” said Ika Seliana.

Thanks to Rexona Powder Dry, the winners can raise their hand and grab the designer bag of their dream with confident without having to worry of that sweats pool on their shirts.  After all, Rexona Shopping Experience proved that shopping is an activity that spends much energy so it will make us sweaty, without a doubt. That’s why Rexona presents Rexona Powder Dry to keep you dry and confident during shopping. This product contains talc essence to make you stay dry by giving protection 3 times higher than any deodorant talc. Moreover, talc essence creates dry sensation as if we’re wearing talcum powder. Anti-perspirant contained in Rexona Powder Dry limit the sweat and its deodorizer kills the bacteria which may cause unpleasant body odor. So, don’t forget to use Rexona Powder Dry everyday to keep you dry and confident.