Shop for a Cause: M Missoni for OrphanAid Africa Collection

If you missed out on the Missoni for Target collection, you’re not alone. There were huge commotion on the collection and it sold out in just matter of hours on line as well as in store. I saw many people tweeting about people carrying tons of items from the collection out of Target.

Worry not, because the next collaboration of Missoni is just as good. Even though this collaboration is not one where you can find Missoni collections at a more affordable price, but it will make your heart just as warm when saving money for them, because some of the proceed will go to a good cause. M Missoni – the younger and much more affordable label from the fashion house – teamed up with OrphanAid Africa for a humanitarian project that is targeted to help the orphaned children in Ghana. The beautiful Margherita Maccapani Missoni herself designed 12 pieces capsule collection which was launched in Milan on 10 November. Whereas for New Yorkers, the capsule collection is available from 15 November onward. What about the rest of us? Don’t worry, because this collection is also available in online retailer Yoox from 16 November, which offers international shipping.

You can say that for Missoni, that will feature the brand’s signature zig zag pattern, it comes with quite a reasonable price tag with the most expensive piece, a raincoat is sold at €120 or $163 at current exchange rate. The collection is dominated with the colours of pink and red. According to Maccapani Missoni, the choice of colours is very natural because they’re her favourite colours, as explained to WWD as well as because “Pink is symbolic, it refers to childhood, and red to Africa, and together they were aesthetically pleasing. The pattern in itself is something that is ours, that belongs to us. ”

This will be Maccapani Missoni’s very first solo design, previously she always worked with her mother, Angela Missoni, on the M Missoni line. Hopefully her aim to sell as any pieces as possible to give aid to the orphaned kids of Ghana will  be much of a success.

P.S. I want the shoes! I’ll be helping a kid somewhere in Ghana, right?

* Photo courtesy of WWD