Leave It to the Master: Talents by Herman Coa

Who here doesn’t have trust issue when it comes to cutting their hair?

Well I do and I’m not afraid to admit it. Over the past 10 years or so, I only come to a few hairstylists to get a haircut. Once I found someone I can trust, I will not go to anyone else, until that person moved and I couldn’t track him/her down or that person changed profession.

In some cases, I believe in trying new things and expand your horizon. But I’ve proven time and time again, that when you “try something new” (or someone) when it comes to haircut, it will most likely end up a disaster. Moreover, I always keep my hair short, so if the hairstylist is not skillful enough, the bad haircut will be very obvious.

Anyway for the past 2 years, I’ve been going to a hairstylist in Talents Salon Kemang named Yoyok. Everyone who goes to him always says the same thing: his specialty is in short hairstyles. He’s a quiet man but very meticulous. He takes his time perfecting every layer and every section, I always feel like I’m in good hands and always leave the salon feeling good with the work he has done. I rarely look the other way.

However recently, I was offered to get a haircut from none other than Herman Coa himself. Now, if you have heard of his name, I’m sure you’d agree with me that I was allowed an exception this time. Herman Coa has been a force to be reckoned with in the hair and salon industry. He has helped brought Talents salon from when it was first opened 17 years ago, to its status today, as one of Jakarta’s best and most trusted hair salons. Talents recently opened a new place in Jl. Gunawarman and I had a chance to visit a couple of months ago. With its sleek exterior and minimalist all-white interior, I felt like it brings luxurious & comfort to a whole new level.

Anyway, back to Herman Coa. I said yes to the offer almost right away and came to Talents Kemang with an open mind. I usually come for a haircut with some pictures of hairstyles I want to get, but this time I decided I was going to let the master do his magic. When he asked me what kind of haircut I wanted, I said to him “My hair has always been always short so do whatever you think will look good on me.” He then suggested a haircut which is shorter than I usually have it. I told him, let’s go for it. See how trusting I was?

So Herman immediately started working on my hair. He also worked silently (something I actually prefer over super chatty hairstylists whom I sometimes don’t have the heart to ignore even though I’m not always in the mood for a conversation) and efficiently. If some stylists like to explain what they do in every step, Herman didn’t do that but it wasn’t a problem because I did feel like I was in good hands.

After about 30 minutes, my hair was ready to be dried and afterwards, he proceeded with perfecting the cut further by trimming a few sections.

Then 15 minutes later, I walked out of the salon with a lighter head and huge smile because I was sporting one of the best haircuts I’ve ever gotten!

I love this haircut because it is just the perfect length. Short enough for me but still long in the front to balance it. It’s super fuss-free (only took me 5 minutes flat to style) and, I have heard this from other people, it makes me look years younger! Thank you Herman Coa! I think it will be hard to come back to Talents and not look for you in the future :)

A haircut with Herman Coa will set you back IDR 500,000. A fair price, in my opinion, considering there are other top stylists our there who charge way more than this :) If you want to book an appointment with him, he is available in Talents Kemang for a full day on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On Thursday and Friday, he is in Kemang from 10am – 12pm only and the rest of those days, he will be working in Talents Gunawarman. Here are the addresses:

Talents Kemang
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 18A
Phone: (62-21) 719 4807

Talents Gunawarman
Jalan Gunawarman No 17
Phone: (62-21) 725 6832

Anyways, do you have any wish to have a rather “drastic” makeover to welcome the new year that’s going to come in a few weeks? If yes, what better way than to have it in the hands of the “masters” in Talents salon right? Well, guess what. We are going to have a makeover contest and 3 lucky winners will win a makeover session at Talents salon! Please visit this thread for further detail and to participate. Hurry up because the contest only opens till 4th of December!