JFW 2012 Day 5: Cleo Fashion Awards – Young & Talented

To see the nominees of Cleo Fashion Award’s The Most Promising Accessories Brand nominees on Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, click here. To see The Most Innovative Local Brand, click here.

Last but not least, the nominees for The Most Talented Young Designer.

Yasmina Yessy

After stealing the show (and the award) with her partner Agra Satria in The Most Promising Accessories Brand segment with G.H.O.S.T., Yasmina Yessy was back in all her glory. This time, with her own personal fashion collection, Shapeshifter.

Her segment opened with screeching, disorienting techno music, a cue for her models to came out from a cocoon-like bundle. And soon, the runway was filled with peculiar pieces that combined blacks with neon-gradation fabrics.

To me, it’s amusing how some media and social networks dubbed Yasmina Yessy’s Shapeshifter as ‘futuristic’, ‘rainbow colored’, ‘surreal’, and the likes, because I saw none of those. Although there were no mentioning from Yasmina nor her press release, all I see was… bugs, bugs, and more bugs.

In fact, she already gave us a clue from the first piece, which was a black sackdress (with a surprising back!) that bore a fly-shaped badge. However, her next pieces went to the next level—Yasmina turned her models into insects with metallic green fabrics that reminds you of Japanese beetles or house flies, shirt patterns that resembled dragonflys’ wings, and layers that were similar to the abdomen of arthropod insects. There were even capes! Substitute for wings?

Details were also everywhere, lurking and ‘crawling’ on every corner of each pieces. All in all, the whole collection was a funky, quirky interpretation of the insect kingdom, in a true Yasmina Yessy style.

Felicia Budi

Next up was the collection from the romantic Felicia Budi, entitled Noda Sejarah. However, the femininity was not as much as her usual. Nevertheless, Felicia gave us something that would be perfect for a Resort collection—halter dresses, Capri pants, loose shirts, palazzo pants, in white and terracotta palette. Everything was in stripes, or jazzed up with beads and paint splatters. All pieces were light, clean, casual, and therefore, as a ready-to-wear collection, Felicia nailed it.

But as for the presentation, Felicia was actually thinking towards another direction. She kind of intended the collection to have the look of rustic Indonesian farmers from pre-independence days, which I’m not too sure of. Unfortunately to me, the whole ‘neo-farmer’ look idea was out of place, and romanticizing the conical farmers hat with flowers wasn’t exactly enticing nor enhancing the collection.

Sisca Tjong

Last but not least, the collection that stole everyone’s heart immediately, Null from Sisca Tjong. Sisca basically overloaded her collection with pretty, girly pieces in ethereal white and dusty pink, from the headdresses to the gorgeous shoes. Sisca did not just use delicate and dainty materials such as chiffon and silk, but also created drapes, layers, and folds out of them, which all fell together so very effortlessly.

There were probably not many breakthrough pieces in Null, but I guess what people loved from it is because Sisca basically went in between the unique-eccentric Shapeshifter and the plain-wearable Noda Sejarah, and birthed a fresh, wearable collection with strong but universally acceptable concept.


The winner for this Most Talented Young Designer category was Sisca Tjong.