JFW 2012 Day 6: Mexican Culture and Nature Brought by Pineda Covalin

Berlin Fashion Week designers and British milliner were not the only international talents in Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. We still had Mexican fashion designer to be eyed, they were Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin with their label Pineda Covalin. I must admit that before Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, I had no idea about these label nor the Mexican designers.

As JFW 2012 reached its sixth day, I got introduced to the label that was founded in 1996.The brand has opened its new stores in Chile, Brazil, United States, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia and Australia. What’s interesting from Pineda Covalin is, it aims to spread out the richness of Mexican and Latin American culture and tradition through its bright and colorful motifs on the product such as ties, purses, scarves and even shoes.

In JFW, the purpose was expressed by parading various motifs that represent pre-Hispanic iconography, folklore, flora and fauna and contemporary arts. Just like our batik that depicts Indonesian cultural richness, Mexico has Pineda Covalin to show it off in JFW 2012. Being showcased on Promenade area of Pacific Place Mall, Pineda Covalin presented numbers of dresses, ranged from mini to maxi dresses. Most of them were made of light and flowing silk so they seemed to fit the tropical climate in both Mexico and Indonesia. The designs were simple, wearable and they looked perfect for casual to semi formal events, especially in outdoor area such as garden or beach.

The designers explained, in this collection they featured embroidery of Hidalgo, the colorful plumage of quetzal’s feathers, Monarch butterfly, Tehuana and Cihuahua ceramics, the tradition of Otomi and Ttztozil embroidery, also Alebrijes and Otomi dolls. So, can you find all the images the designers mentioned on the collection?


Pineda Covalin’s designers