Paris Mon Ami; Four Friends & Their Hermes Scarves

I always consider scarf to be the one accessories that every woman should have. It’s so versatile, you can use it as anything. As an accessories on your neck or even necklace. As a bust top or cape. Even as a bag! It can give colours even to your most dull-looking outfit.

So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Paris Mon Ami blog, where it tells the story of four like-minded friends who came from four different corners of the world; Ella from Paris, Kozue from Japan, Courtney from America and Anna from England. It’s not exactly the stories of these four friends that makes me giddy, but it’s the images that they place on the blog that give a glimpse of the adventure of these four girls on their journey. In each photo you will see how each girl plays around with their Hermes silk scarf as well as the iconic enamel bangle.

The stunning photos that were shot by Craig McDean are really inspiring. It shows how classic and versatile a scarf could be. That it can be used as anything and it doesn’t have to look too dressy either. Take a look at below pictures and tell me that you don’t suddenly have the urge to play with your scarves or at least get one immediately?

Anyway, about the Paris mon Ami blog itself, it’s updated regularly with the stories from the four friends with various interesting editorial, images and videos.

But what is in the Hermes scarf that made it so coveted (and expensive too!)

The scarf was first introduced in 1937 by Robert Dumas. Since then, there are more than 1,500 designs have been produced, with some famous ones being reprinted. One of the most reprinted designs is Brides de Gala design (shown below) which, to be honest, compared to other beautiful Hermes scarf designs I’ve seen, I don’t see why it got reprinted so much.

Hermes scarf is made from specially treated silk twills and have hand-rolled borders. Although it comes in different sizes, but the 90x90cm one is the most famous size. It is one of those items that you can pass on through generations and feel utterly personal because each design tells a different story. If you happens to have one, try to search the name of the scarf that is usually printed in the scarf and you will be able to know the year on which it was made and who designed it.

Other than the beautiful pictures up on the Paris mon Ami blog, one of the most interesting information put there is the knotting card. It has illustration on different ways to use Hermes scarf. Do visit the blog, it is certainly an interesting one.

How about you, do you happen to own one of the Hermes scarf. Tell me why you love them!