JFW 2012 Day 5: Cleo Fashion Awards – Innovative Local Brands

To see the nominees of Cleo Fashion Award’s The Most Promising Accessories Brand nominees on Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, click here.

Next up, the nominees for The Most Innovative Local Brands.

Monday to Sunday (mondaytosunday.net)

When the first few looks from Monday to Sunday’s Living Art collection came out, I thought, oh my, plaids and stripes! This can get “Dukes of Hazzard”-ish! Fortunately Monday to Sunday was just teasing us, because as the show progressed, they send out some other amazing, non-countryside pieces. So I kind of ignored the farmer looks and shifted my attention to the gorgeous draped tops and capes, which became the highlight of the series.

There were some menswear as well, with the black-white shirt as the strongest piece of all. Or maybe because it was presented by the haunting androgyny male model Darell Ferhostan?

In the end, I’m still figuring out what they meant by “living art”, but I appreciate their decision to not be too theme-y.

Satcas (satcas.c0m)

Satcas gave us extremely wearable pieces with their collection Scenic Route. Opposite to Monday to Sunday, they were being very theme-y with their Holiday Look theme, and so summer dresses, cargo pants, shirt dresses, and khaki shorts were inevitable. Every look made me wanted to jump on a yacht and set sail to Capri.

However, the cliché properties for the show, such as Polaroid cameras, maps, and even picnic baskets with loaf of baguette (why too blatant, Satcas?) turned me off. It was quickly forgiven, though, once I checked out the cute details in every piece of the clothing. They were small things such as rope waistbands, waist pleats, and and the right casual shoes, but they worked. Those details that gave Scenic Route its fun, holiday feel, not the props.

For this year’s Cleo Fashion Week, Satcas collaborated with a number of lines, which are Jewel Rocks (accessories), 707 (sunnies), Silla Homes (suitcases), Snec Footwear and Maine St. (shoes).

Milcah (milcah-milcah.blogspot.com)

Hands down, my favorite collection of all the three nominees. With Into The Dip, Milcah successfully interpreted the underwater theme without being cliché. First off, the colors were super pretty, with gradations of turquoise, seafoam green, sand brown, sunset orange, and just a burst of purple that reminded me of Deep Purple’s “smoke under water”. But Milcah didn’t forget wearability as every piece was versatile in light and flowy cotton, viscose, rayon, and chambray.

And as we’re talking about under water, Milcah smartly added see-through elements and accessories—from ombre-coloured, sheer fabrics to acrylic clutches and necklaces, specifically designed by Ike Hartono. Water is see-through, get it?

It would be probably a tad better if the models went barefoot to keep the flowing, liquid feel going. Yet, with gorgeous, colorblock platforms like these, who could say no?

The winner for this Most Innovative Local Brand category was Milcah.