JFW 2012 Day 5: Cleo Fashion Awards – Artworks Accessories

On the fifth night of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, Cleo Fashion Awards was back. As always, the event did only give recognitions to up & coming young fashion designers, but also showcased the nominees’ collections.

And as Cleo’s nominees are always the latest young talents, Cleo Fashion Awards felt more like a rave party than a fashion show. The fast-paced graphic videos on the LED, the thumping tracks, the cool crowd, and of course, the edgy designs created a hip, attractive atmosphere… and kind of made me wish I was five years younger.

First up, nominees from the brand new category, The Most Promising Accessories Brand.

G.H.O.S.T. (ghost-juelerie.blogspot.com)

When G.H.O.S.T.’s Foreign Skies came stomping down the runway, it immediately showed their very straightforward interpretation of Russia. There was no room for other meanings. Foreign Skies gave us pearls, beads, and chains hung with Russian pendants, ornaments, and emblems in Communist’s white, red, gold. With ushankas, farmers’ wives’ headscarves, and marching propaganda song, they brought Russia into the fashion tent in full force.

But when you just began to get used to the Russian party…. BAM! Something of a Chinese headdress closed the collection. I guess they meant to represent Communist—instead of Russian—ornaments galore?

G.H.O.S.T. presented only six pieces that just focused on the neck and the head, but Foreign Skies still managed to make an impact—turned people’s heads. Like what people always say, quality over quantity. Besides, it isn’t GHOST if it isn’t edgy, anti-girly, and turn heads, anyway.

Well done, Agra Satria and especially Yesmina Yessy, who did a double-whammy in Cleo Fashion Night for being The Most Talented Designer nominee as well.

Mono (produkmono.blogspot.com)

Like G.H.O.S.T., Mono also did red-and-white accessories collection called Empty Nest, yet with a very different theme: animal origami. Apparently, origami is a recurring trend in Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, but with Mono’s sculptural characteristic, origami does suit them ideally.

In Empty Nest, you’d see a large array of intricate animals artworks, from deers to lions to giraffes. Yup, the nest was empty alright, because Mono lured all the animals to come out to play on our heads, necks, wrists, fingers, even over our shoulders.

Not just the origami, but the whole presentation felt indeed playful with the easy black dresses and barefoot models. But look closer. With the (blood) red splashed on to the pieces, Empty Nest put a subtle sinister feel to their otherwise innocent crafts. Hello there, dead rabbits and chopped deer heads.

Antyk Butyk (antykbutyk.blogspot.com)

Antyk Butyk stayed true to their trait (and name) and went with an ethnic theme. But although they called their collection Java Love, their collection was not Javanese. Nor was it romantic. Correct me if my Indonesian anthropology knowledge flunk, but what I saw was tribal atmosphere with Torajanese touches. Since the first look until the end, all you’d see was (modern) warrior princess after warrior princess.

Anthropological reference aside, Java Love still successfully conveyed the “glam ethnic” vibe through their collection. Unlike the previous two nominees, Mono did not give big and bold elements with minimalist color, but dainty chains and multicolored ornaments. Java Love also showed us the most complete accessories, as the models were wrapped in the pieces from head to waist.

As pretty as the collection was, Antyk Butyk could put just a tiny hint of drama in their presentation. It’s a pity that the rather flatness of it made Java Love’s presentation become on of the most forgettable nominees.

Foreign Skies by G.H.O.S.T. won the The Most Promising Accessories Brand award, but my kudos still goes out to all of the nominees who have made it possible for us to wear astonishing artworks instead of mere accessories.