JFW 2012 Day 2: The Contrasting Outfits

I really should restrain myself from buying anymore black! I just fell too many times to the comfort of classic black that when I have doubt in what I wear I just don’t want to exhaust my brain too much and reach out for the safe color. It’s easier said than done really. Everytime I see a really nice piece of black attire, I would just think about it and end up buying it. Just like how I finally get this pair of black wedges just days before the Jakarta Fashion Week 2012.

  • Chiffon top: XSML
  • Tank top as an inner: Mango
  • Skirt: Unbranded
  • Bag: Vintage Dior
  • Belt: Vintage Chanel from @mary_shoppins
  • Shoes: Heatwave
  • Accessories: earrings from Monet and mix bracelets from my Mom’s collection

It’s actually unwise to break into a new pair of shoes during a day where it requires you to be out on your feet all day long. But I did! It was almost a suicide but this pair was so comfortable. I managed to survive my 3 – 10PM JFW duty in this wedges.

Rizka on the contrary opted for something colourful that day. What a contrasting look we had that day! And we were both wearing wedges! I guess if you want to keep the height of a pair of heels but still want to feel comfortable wearing them there’s no better way to compromise than wearing a pair of wedges.

  • Dress: Mango
  • Shoes: Melissa Scarfun
  • Leather bracelets: Benten

If I tell you that Rizka got this pair of Melissa Scarfun at Pinktober Bazaar for really cheap price (I mean dirt cheap!), would you envy her? This tells that you should really look twice in a bazaar to look for some hidden gems.