JFW 2012 Day 4: Lights Of Jakarta On Blaire Dresses

Try to make a list of things that make you hate living in Jakarta. I bet it’s easy. Air pollution, traffic jam, flood, the list can go on and on. However, there’s always the bright side of everything, even behind the hustle bustle of Jakarta. Rather than complaining about the traffic jam, it’s better to enjoy it because in that way you’ll be less stressful yet get inspired. As example for the owner of Blaire fashion label, Angie Blaire, this is the city of dream where she got her inspirations to design her collection.

Before we talk further about the collection, let me briefly introduce you to the designer and the label as well. Blaire was created in 2009 as a fashion label that offers ready to wear attires, cocktail dresses and also made to order pieces. It aims to bring out women’s sexiness but still managed to look classy and chic. Its previous collection can be seen from its website www.houseofblaire.com.

On the fourth day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, Blaire presented its latest collection themed “Jakarta Nightlife Groove”. Ray of lights from Jakarta’s traffic was translated into graphic prints on the dresses, skirts and tops. Angie said, as a newcomer in Jakarta from Semarang, Central Java, she thinks this capital city looks magnificent and beautiful, especially at night. Angie adores the view of city lights and beaming skyscrapers, combined with the Jakarta sky at night. I totally agree with her, I like how Jakarta appears more soothing and glimmering at night :)

Blaire’s story about Jakarta was divided into three sequences of fashion show. In the first sequence, Blaire took you to busy streets of Jakarta in the afternoon such as Sudirman and Semanggi. The multimedia presented to accompany the fashion show also helped the audience to understand what the collection was all about so it created quite an entertaining fashion show. You could even find the form of Semanggi cloverleaf at some of the dresses.


On the second sequence, the collection turned more romantic and calm as it was filled with grey, purple, brown and black. Angie explained that she was inspired by the clouds and Jakarta’s sky at night. I can also notice that the dresses were longer in this sequence. After showcasing lots of mini cocktail dresses and skirts at the previous set, in this sequence you could find various evening gowns in maxi length.

Even if Blaire only showed a single wedding gown in the third sequence, it was a creative piece indeed. The wedding gown was decorated with tiny lamps that shone bright as the light of fashion tent was turned off.


So, what’s your comment about Blaire’s collection? Doesn’t it have a nice and strongly build concept also interesting design?