Puri Santi – Oasis In The Middle of City

Isn’t it such a joy to find a spa that is decent, not overpriced, and located near where you live? Pure delight. And that is exactly what I felt when I discovered Puri Santi Spa.

My sister-in-law actually has recommended me the spa a year ago, during my spa-holic period. However, since I almost never saw it being mentioned in forums, blogs, or any other Internet sources, I quickly put this spa on the bottom of my to-try list, putting more well-known—but not necessarily better—spas above it.

Well, you can’t trust Google for everything, so one day I decided to give Puri Santi a shot.

Situated in Cipete, the spa’s almost a walking distance from where I live. It’s located in a housing complex, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road. It seemed decent and nice with a ‘real’ signage in the front—which many house spas don’t have. I even spotted a parked car with CD plate. If ambassadors trust this place for their beauty treatments, it must be a good sign, no?

(I learned later that Puri Santi is a favorite among expatriates)

When I entered Puri Santi, the first impression this place gave me was excellent. It was spotless, cozy, dimly lit, and serene. Although it’s originally a house spa, the owner has successfully transformed the interior to make Puri Santi look less house-y and look more like a spa resort.

Aside from the receptionist, there was also a juice bar, displays of handmade accessories as well as Puri Santi’s own spa products for sale.

After signing up for the Body Scrubs Full Treatment, I waited for a short while before I was called for my footbath. The location of my footbath was in the Spa Lounge, where rows of chairs were lined up especially for their reflexology treatments and partial body massages. It was a simple but still pleasant, with flowers water and salt to relax and prep me for my main treatment.

After that, I was taken to my treatment room. Puri Santi was not crowded that day, so I got lucky and was given a private chamber, which consisted of a single bed, sink and a private indoor shower. Perfect!

The therapist then asked me to change into a robe while she waited outside, ‘guarding’ the door. Another thing I liked about Puri Santi is it’s a ‘clean spa’, and to confirm it, the doors to the treatment rooms don’t have locks. So while we change, the therapist would stand guard by the door, and wouldn’t come inside until we ring the bell provided.

As I took the Body Scrubs Full Treatment, I would be getting a 1-hour massage, and 30-minute body scrub. The therapist placed a clock aside the bed to make sure that the treatment’s duration would be as promised.

First off, the massage. Though I’m no massage connoisseur, I could tell that the massage was different. The therapist focused more on kneading the body to unwind muscles rather than giving it pressures on some points. And like any other good therapist, she asked me from time to time if her power was enough. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t remember much about the whole process, since my brain turned into a mush and I fell asleep a few minutes after the massage begun. Of course, I took that as a good thing.

Next, the therapist applied a generous amount of scrub of my choice (Green Tea), and scrubbed away those dirt all over my body.

After everything’s finished, I took a nice, hot shower and finished it off with the provided body lotion. Once I’m cleaned and refreshed, they served me a complimentary hot ginger tea with an extra touch of oatmeal cookie. But if you feel like you need something more filling than that, you can also have heavier food such as pasta, finger foods, and assortments of tea and coffee. Enjoy the meal at the outdoor backyard porch, and your experience of the perfect oasis in the middle of busy city is completed.

Puri Santi also regularly offers interesting packages and promotions that I think is worth the charge. Go check ‘em out!