JFW 2012 Day 4: The Biggest Standing Applause for Obin

“Catwalk Moment” by Bin House is among the most anticipated show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 and it happened for some reasons. First it was because Josephine Werratie Komara or known as Obin has become a legendary designer of Indonesian traditional textile. Her creations are sought by the collectors or just anyone who appreciates art and craftsmanship of Indonesian textile. Bin House itself has been well established for 39 years. As another reason, Obin has never held any fashion show for a long time. Her last show was in 2003!

According to Jakarta Fashion Week committee in the press conference, it took them a year to ask Obin to join Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. For the previous fashion weeks, the committee had already asked Obin to join but she never made it. Obin explained that she works really slow because all her work is done manually by hands, from spinning the thread, weaving the cloth and so on. It takes several months just to finish a piece of Obin’s creation. So, this fashion show is really something to celebrate. I even witnessed that at the end of the show Obin gained the loudest and biggest standing applause among all show I watched in JFW 2012

Obin explained that this fashion show is a “visual report of what she has been working from 2004 – 2011″, which means that she showcased her creations she produced during the past 8 years. There were about 100 pieces of cloth and apparel that created 48 looks in the show. There was no specific theme or color palette that connected them all, Obin said that she was just doing what she liked. Tenun and batik dominated the collection, but the special one was batik on cashmere since Obin is the first and only designer who applies the technique. Actually, it’s her husband who has been experimenting for 14 years to create batik on cashmere. It wasn’t easy because cashmere is a material that cannot stand extreme heat.On the other hand, painting batik needs heated wax.

Here they are, some of the looks in “Catwalk Moment” by Bin House:


After seeing the photos above, what do you think about the collection? Are you as excited as the audience in the show to see Obin’s creations on the runway?