JFW 2012 Day 4: Berlin’s Simplicity By Hien Le

Have you read our previous article by Leija about Berlin Fashion Week designer in Jakarta Fashion Week 2012? After watching Issever Bahri’s fashion show, we also got the chance to see the collection from other designer, Hien Le. When you read the name, probably you won’t think that he came from Berlin. Actually he was born in Laos, but then he was raised and trained as tailor in Berlin. After finished studying fashion at Berlin’s University of Applied Science, he worked for a PR agency and implemented other people’s designs. As he’s a fashion designer now, he has started to realized his own design and idea.

As I did a little research how his signature style in designing looks, I found out that Hien Le loves to design with simple cutting, clean lines and versatile colors. I can say Hien Le tends to play it safe when comes to design.

And it was the same style of collection that he brought to JFW 2012. Hien Le showcased his Spring/Summer 2012 collection that looked minimalist yet classic. There are only very few details such as the pockets and buttons found in his pieces. It features a range of shirts, pants dresses, short pants and jackets made of fine silk and Swiss cotton which could be staple items for every woman. As for the colors, he chose pale beige, yellow, red, navy and baby blue. Hien Le drew inspiration from old photos of his family taken during the 1970s and the collection was specially dedicated for his grandfather who used to be a men’s tailor.