JFW 2012 Day 3: A Whole Lot of Ethnic Look in APPMI Part 2

The 2nd part of APPMI show for Muslim fashion, featured 8 designers from 4 different provinces. Najua Yanti, Nieta Hidayani, Ida Royani, Yessi Riscowaty from Jakarta, Irna Mutiara and Nuniek Mawardi from West Java, Lia Afif from East Java, Adhy & Alie from Makassar. Some of them still embrace traditional pattern and fabric as ornament or the main theme of their collection. Nieta Hidayani transformed Sasirangan print from Kalimantan into an Egyptian-themed collection. Lia Afif brought forward songket originated from Sasak tribe in Lombok, combined with black and gold in her design. Ida Royani, is faithful with neutral and earthy vibe, now used woven fabric from NTT, creating a whole ethnic look in spicy colors. Also Yessi Ricowaty in her collection ‘Kalih Rahina’, inspired by 50’s fashion, used Balinese ethnic print in some hour glass silhouette.

I also loved Nuniek Mawardi’s design this time, called Dystophia. She composed complex, difficult and heady mixture in the fabric and details, literally creating many layers in one single outfit. Dystophia itself means irregularity, and she drew inspiration from layers in chalk-cliff, which has greyish white to dark grey colors.

Now let’s go right to the collections.

Najua Yanti

Nieta Hidayani

Lia Afif

Yessi Riscowaty

Ida Royani

Adhy & Alie

Irna Mutiara

Nuniek Mawardi