JFW 2012 Day 1: Keeping the Sequins Pants Simple

What would you wear to an opening night of a Fashion Week? I simply had no clue. But one thing I know for sure black is always safe, or should I say too safe? Having a wardrobe with many black items inside sometimes makes me always fall into the same trap – wearing black whenever I have doubts on what to wear.

I have a pair of sequins pants that I thought I wouldn’t wear for any other occasion, so JFW seems to be like the perfect reason to finally wear it. So I browsed through for inspiration on how to wear my sequins pants and came up with this image of Kate Walsh wearing hers with a simple white tee and a black jacket. Keeping it all simple.

I guess when you already have a piece that already makes a statement on its own, the best thing is to keep everything else simple.

  • Sequins pants: Zara
  • White silk tee: XSML
  • Jacket: Emporio Armani
  • Bag: Vintage Ferragamo
  • Shoes: Casadei

If you wonder do I really just bring that one purse with me? Yes, I do! That’s why I hand carry my laptop everywhere. I used to despise bringing my laptop during fashion week because it’s just so heavy and laptop bag just ruins my look. It’s that time where you actually want to bring some cute and little purse instead of your huge daily bag. With the new Acer Aspire S3 I can just clutch it with ease on my hand because it’s 1,3 kg light and 13 mm thin. The air vent that is located at the back of the body allows me to just let the laptop sit on my lap when I’m working without it getting too hot.