JFW 2012 Day 2: Young Thai Designers in Town

During Jakarta Fashion Week, sometimes we need to choose which fashion shows to cover and unfortunately leave other show when they’re held in the same time. And it happened to me on the second day of JFW 2012 when I had to decide which show I must watch between IPMI “Colours of Life” and “Young Thai Designers” fashion show. It was a difficult choice since both shows seemed interesting. Luckily, Diaz Parzada creative  director of JFW 2012 told Fashionese Daily  that Young Thai Designers fashion show was really something not to be missed. Then Hanzky also convinced me to watch “Young Thai Designers” because in about three years to come, countries in South East Asia including Indonesia and Thailand will be a part of ASEAN Free Trade Area. It means that tariff obligation between ASEAN countries market will be reduced to support local manufacturing. So I went to Fashion Promenade to see how great the show from the Thai designers would be.

“Young Thai Designers” fashion show presented the collection from G.L.A.M and Yod Yoko. G.L.A.M was created in 2009 by young creative designer Thaiwit Tangtieng (who is only 25 years old) and it focuses in ready to wear pieces. While Yod Yoko is created by Sirus Tantiyapong (28 years old) and the label draws inspiration from the fluidity of hand painted batik. Thai Ministry of Trade chose the two labels to be brought to JFW 2012 because they have strong and distinguished characters that apparently would interest Indonesian people.

The show opened with all-ivory white collection from G.L.A.M that brought contemporary yet whimsical vibe. Precisely constructed and well-detailed, the collection featured various range of attires, tops, dresses, pants and skirts. Thaiwit, the designer, explained that he is often inspired by the novels he reads, movies he watches or his experiences when designing a collection. This collection for JFW 2012 had been showcased in Paris as G.L.A.M recently launched its label in Paris. Look at those pieces! Although they are adorned with over the top details, they’re still sensible to be worn by people with fashion-forward preference. If someone asked me which outfit was my favorite, I would say the feather detailed mini and maxi dresses are the most unique and show stopping.

Afterwards, show was followed by collection from Yod Yoko that is said to be inspired by swirling water. The fist look of the collection featured an artsy printed dress with loose cutting. Color palette in this collection involved bold and contrasting colors which are black, gold, white and orange. With the gold touch, Yod Yoko collection appeared elegant. In designing a collection, the designer mostly uses Thai silk, Chinese silk, Indonesian batik and other traditional fabrics.

After all, I was happy that I watched this fashion show. These Thai designers have shown their best and added a fresh new color to JFW 2012. So what do you think about their collections?