JFW 2012 Day 2: Appreciation for the Various Colour in Your Life

There was something different about IPMI show this year at JFW. The show was inspired by one of their members, Robby Tumewu who has been ill for quite sometimes. As a fashion designer and entertainer, Robby has brought colours to the lives of many people. I could still remember how funny he was at the last movie he starred in, Madame X.

The show titled ‘Color Me Life‘ exhibited the collection of ten designers with one common theme, that is obviously colours. Each of the designer created their design around one colour. If there is any common trait found from the various shows at the JFW to date, that many of the collection lean toward solid colours. IPMI said that they forecast 2012 trend would be dominated by solid colours. But at this stage it is too early to tell if Indonesian designers collection for next year will be dominated by this trend though.

The ten designers who collaborated in the ‘Color Me Life’ show and the colour of their choice are: Tri Handoko (white), Liliana Lim (red), Ghea Pangabean (orange), Tuty Cholid (yellow), Era Soekamato (green), Adesagi Kierana (turquoise), Yongki Budisutisna (blue), Carmanita (purple), Kanaya Tabitha (gold) and Barli Asmara (black).

Let me begin with my favourites. It was perhaps the classics white and black that really stole my heart. Not because it was easy, but it was something different from your perspective from the usual application of those classics. Tri Handoko treated white as a clean canvas on which you can create absolutely anything with it. The lack of colour and pattern was not a handicap but rather a strong suit for the design. Tri Handoko’s theatricality instilled a strong line into the design and cut out details on the materials.

Wheras Barli Asmara really broke through the notion of black as something simple. He created grandness with a touch of layers and Victorian elements into the design.

The next one that I want to highlight is Tuty Cholid and Era Soekamto. They convinced me that yellow and moss green could be the next ‘it colour’. There is something similar between the two collections, which is a taste to something traditional. Both designers play with texture and textile to create dimension to the design.

Tuty Cholid

Era Soekamto

My article wouldn’t be complete without a mention to Ghea’s collection. It has her ethnic signature written all over it. Ghea’s collection might not be in a solid colour, but it’s a solid collection nonetheless.

More pictures from the designers for you to adore.

Liliana Lim

Adesagi Kierana

Yongki Budisutisna


Kanaya Thabitha