When You Need To Run On Wet Road

I was explained the advantage of running shoes which can be worn in wet and slippery roads (such as in the rain) and I thought only professional athletes or true runners would need such shoes. But then I realized that we live in a tropical country with rain as part of the climate. I believe some people are still running regularly around their housing complex or in outdoor area, regardless of the fact that indoor sport centers located in malls are mushrooming. So, having a pair of water-resistant and anti-slippery running shoes will do no harm. If you’re interested to have such features in your running shoes, you may want to check Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield.

Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield will protect your feet, keeping them dry and warm. The surface of the shoes is water resistant and can be easily cleaned so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally step in a puddle and splash your shoes. Its inner sole will keep your feet dry while the green rubber keeps your running movement safe and efficient, especially when the road is wet and slippery. Plus, Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield is completed with reflective feature that makes the shoes visible even with minimum light. As part of Nike LunarGlide series, Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield doesn’t leave out its most prominent specification which is stability and comfort in running. With its Lunarlon cushioning, these shoes will give ultra soft, light and flexible effect to anyone who wears them.

After the press conference of Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield, I got the chance to try the shoes for running around fX, Gelora Bung Karno sports complex and Senayan area.  Really, the shoes are soft and comfortable at the same time. Because of the flexible soles, I felt my feet were bouncing when the soles hit the ground. Since it wasn’t raining that time, I couldn’t prove its water resistant feature. However, reflective lines on the shoes did  work. The silver reflecting area appeared glimmering in the dark. Now rain, wet road or low light won’t be a problem for you to keep running.

Anyway, here is my picture when I wore Nike LunarGlide+3 Shield. The design of the shoes look as good as in its advertorial photo, doesn’t it?