Antyk Butyk’s Tick Tock Necklace

I don’t wear necklace often because I’m quite picky in choosing which necklace to buy. The necklace should be simple and wearable enough to compliment my daily style. Besides, I also fall easily for necklace that doesn’t carry hefty price tag :D

Tick Tock necklace (Rp 180,000) from Antyk Butyk just caught my attention since it possesses all the criteria I look for in a necklace. The design is simple but it can make statement with the bold gold acrylic pendant. The color palette is neutral to stand with many colors in an outfit. Plain or ethnic printed top seems to be a great match for this necklace. It can be ordered from Antyk Butyk’s Facebook account or through

Anyway, have you ever heard about Antyk Butyk before? If you’re a regular visitor of Mazee in fX, Bloop Endorse in Tebet, Gaya in Plaza Indonesia or FOI in Pluit Junction and Intercontinental Hotel Sudirman, I believe you must have seen accessories collection from Antyk Butyk. It was also the most favorite brand on the Jewelry Fair by The GoodsDept at Plaza Indonesia on the 21-24 April 2011. Because of that Antyk Butyk became one of the candidates to win the Cleo Fashion Award 2011 as Most Promising Accessories Brand and will be showcasing their latest collection during the fashion show.

Curious how the collection would be on Cleo Fashion Award? You don’t have to since Antyk Butyk has shared the hint. The collection is themed Java Love where the design is infused with Java and Bali culture. The material also involves traditional fabric from those regions. Here’s some of the pieces of Java Love featured in Cleo’s fashion spread. Fabulous, aren’t they? If you’re interested to get any of them, wait patiently until it’s available for sale in Brightspot Market, Alley 29 Bazaar and Antyk Butyk Facebook.