Guides and Etiquettes in Wearing Hat

Have you read my previous article about the history of hat? When I was doing the research to make the article, I wonder why not many people wear hats nowadays, especially in UK and other nations in Europe where hats were once worn by most people. Indonesia might not be the country where we could find various and extravagant hats as in Europe. However, in tempoe doeloe era when Indonesian fashion was much influenced by colonialism, hats were popular item used by Dutch and Indonesian people as well. You can also read my article about men and women fashion tempo doeloe and see some pictures that feature hats.

If we see it from health perspective, wearing hat is as important as wearing sunglasses to help protecting the face against harmful UV rays. So why don’t we start to include hat in our outfits? Besides, I believe hat will give a statement to our look if we wear it right.

However, I understand that for some of us, wearing hat doesn’t really come naturally. I myself am not accustomed to add a hat into my daily outfit, but there’s always the first time of everything, right? That’s why I browsed the images of stylish people with their hats. Hopefully it will inspire and give the idea on wearing hats.

Fedora Hat

Beret hat

Bowler Hat

Cocktail Hat

Don’t hesitate to experiment in wearing hat and choose particular type of hat that you like. You may wear fedora and bowler hat for casual to semi-formal occasion. While beret hat is more likely worn to match laid-back outfit. For cocktail hat, it’s best to pair it up with your dress in attending formal event. Above it all, what’s important is you should be confident with the hat and the clothes you wear.

Etiquettes In Wearing Hat

  • TakeĀ  off your hat when you’re indoor such as in restaurant, someone’s house or classroom. Besides, you don’t need to protect your heads indoor, do you?
  • Even if it’s indoor, you are free to wear your hat in several public places, such as in airports, malls or hotels where people don’t really mind others’ business.
  • When you wear your hat in a sport match, a concert or other performance places, make sure your hat doesn’t block the sight of people behind you.
  • Take off your hat during a prayer, event or ceremony, to show your respect.

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