How To: Use Your Eyeshadow for Eyeliner

Do you know that you can use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner colour? If you still don’t have an eyeliner or looking for a certain eyeliner colour that you currently don’t have, you can easily turn your eyeshadow as a liner.

What you need: eyeshadow, angled brush and a few drops of water. Just follow these simple steps to turn your eyeshadow as eyeliner.

  1. Damp your angled brush with a little bit of water, but not too wet because it will make the colour hard to apply.
  2. Pick up a little bit of product from your eyeshadow onto the angled brush.
  3. Draw the eyeliner from the middle part of your eyelash line into the outer corner of your eyes.
  4. With the same motion, draw a liner from the middle part of the eyelash line on the inner corner of the eyes.
  5. You can build up the colour as you go by adding another layer. The trick is to add more layers once the wet eyeshadow have dried so you’ll get stronger color payoff.