A Blast from the Past at the Marc by Marc Jacobs

There’s always a sense of fun everytime I see Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Sometimes, even it leans toward too youthful for my own personal style, but the colourful collection from this label is what makes me always somehow mesmerized by it. It always has such an interesting colour palette. Like for the Fall/Winter 2011 collection, I see many fuchsia and orange that somehow feel so muted.

Let’s talk about what I love about this collection.

There are a lot of straightforward pieces, that are using solid neutral colours such as black and brown that look more mature in a way but still have that playful feeling because of the fabric movement.

Fun prints and colours, that feels somehow ‘dated’ that it take us back to the 70’s, yet so adorable.

Longer skirts with whimsical cut with such an amazing fluidity.

What do you think about the whole collection?

By the way, if you want to visit Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique at Plaza Indonesia, they have been relocated to a new location. The latest collection from Fall/Winter 2011 is already in store and that includes the bags and accessories :)