A Week in Style: The Multitalented Melissa

Ask me to tell a couple of things about Melissa Andini, and I will tell you a million things. There’s just so much about her! She leads her team in a telecommunication company, she writes freely, she sings passionately, she cooks heartily, and she smiles oh-so-sweetly. And now, she’s also going to share her great sense of (working) style.

Hi, Melissa! First, we’d like to know what you do. Can you tell us about it?

First and foremost, I am a freedom writer. I write everything everywhere for everybody—newspapers, magazines, websites, basically anything. Writing is my passion and it’s glued to me permanently.

For this past 5 years, I have also been working for this ubercool multinational telecommunication company which has taught me a lot about its business and industry. My service is here to provide an integrated coordination between the implementation team and the customer in the acceptance process which eventually will bring the ca-a-ash home! The coolest part about working here is I get to meet a lot of people from around the world who brings their different backgrounds which inspires me in so many ways possible.

Describe your typical work day!

A day at work is mostly spent on coordination meetings with my team and meetings with the customer. In my off times, you can find me glued to my laptop working on my articles or jamming in the local cafes with my fellow musical friends.

What is your must-haves for workwear?

1. Pretty Shoes!
Please don’t ask me why a woman could have 10 pairs of black pumps. I don’t know, but we just kind of do, don’t we? They’re all different. As for work, not only that it has to be as pretty as you are, but it also has to be comfy enough for you to flash around all day.

2. The Basics
For me, the basics are: tank tops, pretty cardigans, cute blouses, skirts, dresses. My closet does not reflect a fashionista’s closet per se, but let’s just say that I have enough material to mix and match for a year round.


Couldn’t agree more with that last point. So what is your do’s and don’ts for workwear?

DO know your body type. If you know your body type, you will know what looks good on you. It saves your what-to-wear drama in the morning. DON’T ever come to work with the same ensemble as the day before. Enough said.

Lastly, who do you consider as your fashion icon?

Dita Von Teese! Do you know anyone else who can pull off that look every dang day? How she managed to look fabulous even when playing with her dog is just beyond me. Oh, how I wish that I can look just half as fabulous as her!


Batik blouse: Danar Hadi
Brown wedges shoes: Charles & Keith


Cream v-neck sweater: Zara
Midi A-skirt: Marks & Spencer
Cream pumps: Joo


Lime green tee: Marks & Spencer
Grey skirt: Topshop
T-bar chunky heels: H&M
Cardigans: (X)SML


Mini pink dress: Old Navy
Grey jeans: Red Herring
T-Bar flat shoes: Topshop


White top: Milcah (available from The Goods Dept)
Dark blue jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Leopard flat shoes: Zara