Cocoa Benefits in a Lotion and Skin Spa

I heard many comments about Vaseline Cocoa Glow body lotion saying that the lotion is moisturizing even for people who have very dry skin, besides its delicate and yummy fragrance. At the launch and press conference of Vaseline Cocoa Glow, I found out that the moisturizing effect of the lotion came from Stratys 3 formula which is Vaseline’s latest technology. It is explained that Stratys 3 is a multi-layer moisture formula. With Stratys 3, the lotion is able to sink, nourish the three layers of skin and remain in the surface of the skin to keep it hydrated. Furthermore, the technology is combined with cocoa butter as the natural ingredient. Cocoa butter is not only moisturizing, it also has high antioxidant level three times higher than green tea’s antioxidant level.

If you are interested to try the lotion or you need to buy another bottle of it, I suggest you buy it from Vaseline Cocoa Glow Skin Spa. You’ll get free cocoa hand treatment if you buy 200ml of Vaseline Cocoa Glow. Buy the 400ml If you want to experience the hand and foot treatment. All those cocoa treatments are conducted by the therapists from Gaya Spa. The therapists are combining the benefit of steam, cocoa body mask, massage technique and Vaseline Cocoa Glow body lotion to result in smooth and moisturized hand and foot skin.

I have tried hand and foot cocoa treatment at Vaseline Cocoa Glow Skin Spa during the launch at Mal Kelapa Gading. The treatment was proven to be pampering and gave me a well-moisturized skin as I expected. Before the treatment, the therapist measured the moisture level of my skin and I witnessed the level increased about 3 points after the treatment was done. That made me wish I had the treatment all over my body, not only on my hands and feet. That pampering session was ended with a cup of hot chocolate provided at the skin spa. Smelling the nice fragrance of Vaseline Cocoa Glow, sensing that my skin was getting smoother and sipping a cup hot chocolate boosted my mood dramatically.

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Skin Spa was available in Grand Indonesia (October 12-16) and Mall Kelapa Gading 3 (October 19-23). It’s okay if you already missed the mentioned date above because Vaseline Cocoa Glow Skin Spa is still on the move. It will be held in Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta (November 2-6), Paris Van Java Bandung (November 10-13), Tunjungan Plaza I Surabaya (December 6-11) and lastly, Central Point Royal Plaza Surabaya (December 14-18).