The Smart Casual Shoes from Crocs

Do you have that one pair of shoes that you always wear all the time? Well, I do. And people at the office has been getting really tired with the sight of my orange flats. Plus, there are a lot of scratches from more than one year of abuse. I’ve been using that pair for almost every single day. So it’s safe to say, that I need a new pair of everyday flats.

My previous pair was a jelly shoes that can be easily washed if they’re dirty. So I was looking for something along the same line. I used my flat shoes for walking a lot, because our current office in Kemang is located in a one way street and some places are easier to reach on foot rather than by car. The most annoying thing about walking on foot in Jakarta is, because this city doesn’t have proper drainage system, whenever there’s rain, you will see pools of water everywhere. Your shoes get dirty easily. Hence, why I prefer something that is easily cleaned. On top of that I want it to be light, because on most days, I keep my flats handy on my bag even when I’m wearing heels. So that when I’m done with my meetings or events, I can just change back to my comfortable flats and rest my feet.

I came across this pair of Crocs Lano when I was waiting for my driver to pick me up from one of the events I attended at Pacific Place. It’s part of their “Smart Casual” collection and it fits all the criteria that I wanted from my everyday shoes. These shoes, made from Croslite™, are very light and comfortable to walk in. They’re also waterproof and easily washed if they happen to be dirty. But most of all I love how these shoes look so casual but also appropriate enough to be used as an office shoes. The perforated detailing and contrasting stitches really seal the deal for me. I also love the tartan insole that are made from contrasting colour.

  • Tops: Zara
  • Pants: Jacqui E
  • Shoes: Crocs Lano
  • Necklace: Forever 21

A closer look on my new pair of Crocs Lano :)