Simple & Comforting SK-II Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion

I got to try one of the products from SK-II range Cellumination from 2 months ago called the Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion. I combined this product with other skincare regimen that is not within the same brand, but sometimes I also use this in parallel with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion promises to hydrate your skin and give you the enhance experience of that glowing and supple skin after you’re using a face mask. It’s intensively hydrating to increase skin’s Aura-Lucency.

The Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion is to be used daily, day and night, after you cleanse and wash your cream and just before you put your serum and other creams. Take a few drops of this lotion at the back of your hand and pat your face lightly with the lotion. It’s liquid form that have whitish colour, much like the colour of the water from washing rice. What I feel instantly after I put on this lotion is that my face feels cool and supple because it’s hydrated well. You will see whether you’ve put enough product or not from the cooling sensation after you put on the lotion.

Supposedly, Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion gives you the same result with 15 minutes usage of face mask. It instantly brightens and maximises the efficacy of active ingredients penetration to your skin.

If I can translate this to my own experience, I would say the claim to be hydrating like a face mask is very much true. I’ve been forgetting to follow my skincare regimen lately. Many nights, because often I feel so tired, I just go to bed after putting on my Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion and completely forgetting serum, night cream and I don’t know what other miracle creams I have on my vanity table. Surprisingly, most morning I wake up with my skin still looking healthy and without any cracking at all. I have very dry skin, so usually it takes a lot of products to keep it hydrated at night. I always opt for a very hydrating cream.

I found that people with oily skin will love this lotion for its water formula and easy absorption yet still able to hydrate your skin. Therefore will not deprive your skin of the moisture it needs but at the same time not too rich for your skin.

Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion contains the latest innovation from SK-II. The mix of Aura Bright  Cocktail contains top of the line brightening ingredients with De Melano P3C™, which is said to have higher efficacy than other brightening ingredients out there in the market. There were also two active ingredients, yeast peptide that will help skin’s suppleness and DPG that will act as skin’s conditioning agent and keep the skin fresh.

The SK-II Cellumination Mask-In-Lotion is available at SK-II counters nationwide and retail for Rp 715,000 (100ml). For maximum result you can combine this lotion with the rest of Cellumination regime; Cellumination Essence and Cellumination Deep Surge.