Goodies Under 100k: Erha21 Neck Cream

When I first heard that one of our moderator Debbie (dunia_dandan) uses specific cream for neck, I thought that she must be kidding, right? And not just any neck cream, it’s something that is quite pricey as well but by now I already forgot which neck cream she was using.

I typically used an left over face cream that I’ve grown tired of as my neck cream. Because why waste a good cream when you can still make good use of it on another part of your body? But it’s also because, for as long as I know, only the top brands that release neck cream and the price goes somewhere along pricey and pricier :)

Recently, a local brand Erha have launched a neck cream called Erha21 Neck Cream that retails only for Rp 99,000. This is brilliant, because the price is affordable and it also comes from one trusted brand. Also, a lot of people wouldn’t really spend much money on another cream that they don’t really think they need. A really good entry point neck cream!

If you ask me why you should wear neck cream, the answer is, why not? Because you put different layers of products to protect your skin from aging and keep it healthy and supple. You want it to be wrinkle free and looks youthful. But if you keep ignoring in treating your neck area, imagine 10 years later where the skin in your face area looks radiant and youthful but then your neck is showing some sign of sagging and fine lines, not to mention dry and unhealthy skin because over exposure to UV rays and neglected for the past years?

Neck cream is not really something that you will see the result immediately because, unlike your face, usually your neck area doesn’t really show immediate signs of concern that needs to be treated. It’s more like maintaining the condition of the skin in the neck area. On the outset, I like Erha21 Neck Cream because it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t feel oily at all. It doesn’t have any smell and it feels moisturizing on my skin.

The erha21 Neck Cream contains various ingredients that is deemed useful for the skin around the neck. It contains Matrixyl™3000 that is said to be an antiwrinkle agent that can stimulate the production of collagen. Idealift™ will help fight against sagging skin and aging. This cream also has antioxidant that will help protect the skin from free radicals. Lastly, the combination of D-Pantenol, Vitamin E Acetate and Aloe Vera extract keeps the skin hydrated.

My verdict? At Rp 99,000 a bottle why bother pondering whether you need them or not! Really, just go get them!