Spa Haven Beyond the Clouds

As I got an invitation to attend the launching of Ultima II Clear White Supreme at Javana Spa, Sukabumi, I was excited and I couldn’t stop counting the day to the event. I imagined that it would be nice to escape from this polluted, jam-packed city and stay in spa haven for few days.

Then the awaited day came. Together with other beauty writers, editors and Ultima team, we finally reached Javana Spa. The 3.5 hours of bus trip didn’t feel long for me as I slept most of the time. FYI, Javana Spa is located about 1200 meters above sea level in the foot of Mount Salak. As I woke up and opened my eyes the surrounding was already green and mesmerizing. Pine trees, cool and clear mountain air that felt so refreshing welcome us.

At the lobby, we were given berry juice as the welcome drink and a card that consisted of daily schedule for each person. Also, we were informed our roommate and the room number. Although Javana Spa has started its business since 1991, the room is still well-maintained and clean. And so is the bathroom. Each room has a terrace where you hear the splashing water from the little stream, and see a dense pine forest from afar. You won’t find any TV in the room and phone signal was very limited in the complex of Javana Spa. That’s a good thing because you won’t be distracted by those devices while relaxing.

After putting the bags in the room, it was time to have lunch. The menu written seemed tempting, for example roasted chicken, baked potato and mushroom soup. But when the dishes came to the table, the portion was a lot smaller than I expected as Javana Spa promised to give its guests low calorie meal. All menu during my 2 day and 1 night at Javana Spa are all low in calorie so I often got hungry. That’s why I tried not to miss the snack time at Spa Lounge where I can drink fruit juice and grab some snacks.


After eating, I did my activities according to my schedule card. Me and some other ladies went to Women Spa that consisted of sauna and steam room, Jacuzzi, private shower, toilet, vanity area and lockers. Afterwards, I went to exercise studio to join yoga class which was very relaxing. We did yoga while enjoying the green scenery from the reflection in the mirror. Then off I went to Beauty Treatment Room to get Ultima Clear White Supreme Facial. You can find more about Clear White Supreme and the facial here. The facial was followed by free time, dinner and we went to bed early at around 9pm.

The next day was started with some stretching and hiking to the waterfall. The closer we were to the waterfall, the more slippery and dangerous the path was. But it was all paid when we finally saw the waterfall. We were allowed to swim but the water was so cold so most of us only sat and sipped ginger tea provided by the guide. Besides hiking, what I loved about that day is Javana Aromatic Body Massage. I experienced the treatment after aerobic class so it calmed my body after the sweaty sport. The therapist massaged with enough amount of pressure, gently but powerful. I also liked to inhale deeply because the peppermint aromatherapy smelled really refreshing.

And oh, I also tried to soak my body into Onsen bath but I didn’t really like being there. The water and the bottom of the pool looked a bit muddy. I don’t know if it is sulfur that cause it, but hopefully it will get better in the future.

After all treatments and activities, I felt ready to go back into real life. It turned out that 2 days and 1 night at Javana Spa was enough to refresh and recharge my mind.


From my experience, I learned some things that might be useful if you’re planning to go to Javana Spa. Here are the tips:

1. Reply all your messages or emails before you go because phone signal there is very limited. If you really need to make a phone call or send sms, I found that XL has the strongest connectivity among other providers.

2. Walk around and don’t forget to check all facilities that Javana Spa have because the complex is spacious that you might miss something.

3. Bringing towel, jacket and sweatshirt is not necessary because they are provided in the cupboard of your room.

4. If you’re not planning to go on a diet, bring your own snack so you won’t starve there.

5. The best spot to have your breakfast or lunch is at the terrace of the dining room because there you can see a group of swans swimming on the lake.


The Bedroom and the terrace


In front of Women Spa and the treatment room


Jacuzzi and the vanity area


The lake beside the restaurant