Tutorial: Two Tone Hijab

For today tutorial I’m going to show you how to wear a two tone shawl as your hijab. It’s very easy and you will only need one pin. I love this hijab look for its two tone colors, with just the right twist, you can manage to bring out those different colors in one look.

  1. Two tone reversible shawl. Each side has a different color.  Or just any shawl is just fine.
  2. An inner or underscarf. Either a ‘ninja’ inner which covers all around your face, or just a simple inner will do.
  3. Hijab bun or hair clamp
  4. A single pin

If you’re confused about the items I mentioned above, you can read my previous article on ‘Essential Kit for Everyday Hijab‘.

So let’s begin with the step by step tutorial on how to achieve the above look.

1. Put on your hair bun, then wear your inner and get in a comfortable position.
2. Place the shawl in your head with one side longer. Roughly 1/3 on one side and 2/3 on the other side. Here I have the short end on my left, and the longer one on my right
3. Take two ends to the back and twist them.

4. Then bring each of them to the front so the short end now on my right side, and vice versa.
5. Take the longer end to the other side and put it BEHIND the short part, so we intentionally bring the short part in sight.
6. Pull the longer end to the back and place the tip of it approximately on top of the bun. Then pin it.

It’s all wrapped! Now you can see how these two colors appear from the front look, and also from the back. You can also try this style with any long shawl, and with the short tip of the shawl at front position, it will accentuate the style enough :)

Have fun!