Be Pretty Powerful with Bobbi Brown

Today, there are gazillions of great beauty brands out there, but the one that always hold a special place in my heart is Bobbi Brown. Not just because of their humble philosophies yet high quality products, but also because Bobbi Brown is my mother’s favorite since as long as I can remember. In fact, the Pot Rouge, Concealer, and Lip Palette were the three first products that I stole from my mother’s drawer, and then learned to use, when I was way younger. Nostalgic, indeed.

Naturally, when I got the invitation for Bobbi Brown Indonesia’s event, I was more than happy to attend. For two days, on 10 and 11 October 2011, Bobbi Brown Indonesia held a series of makeup events with Kai Vinson, an international make-up artist and also Bobbi Brown Director of Artisty Asia Pacific. The first day’s program was the Signature Make Up Lesson at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, and the second day’s program was the Pretty Powerful Make Up Demo at Bobbi Brown’s Pacific Place counter, as part of the inspiring Pretty Powerful campaign.

My invitation was for the second day, and so I hightailed to Pacific Place to see Kai Vinson does his magic. The event, which was hosted by the stunning Nadia Mulya, was mainly to show us how to achieve a natural, stunning yet hassle-free look.

Kai worked with a model (whose beautiful skin I’m extremely envy of!) who had been prepped and primed first with Creamy Concealer, and the Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup, and some powder. Everything was just slightly applied, so her complexion still appeared natural and dewy, not cakey and too covered up.

First, Kai gave a pop of color on her cheek with the award-winning Sheer Color Cheek Tint, which gave her such a pretty yet natural flush. According to Kai, nude or natural makeup is still a huge trend, but next year, pop of colors on nude faces will be big.

After that, Kai put on Rich Color Eye Shadow on her eyelids. It’s a highly pigmented cream eye shadow, and you could apply it lightly for a more natural look, or build it up for more glam occasions. Cream shadows are so practical and versatile, no wonder it’s Kai’s favorite (and mine too!) for a hassle-free look.

Popping bright color on the cheek

Putting on Rich Color Eye Shadow

Next, Kai popped the famous Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in black (the best color, Kai said) on the model’s upper lids. While doing so, he shared a little trick: you know when our lines are uneven between the right and left eye, we usually try to fix it by re-lining (adding the eyeliner) over and over again until we think they’re even? According to Kai, that is one of the most common makeup mistakes. When we do that, our eye shadow would eventually be covered by the thick eyeliner. That’s a no-no.

If you haven’t master gel / liquid eyeliner yet, Kai said that the best trick is to use the ‘connect-the-dots’ method. You put dots near your lash lines as guides, and then draw lines following the dots.

Connect the dots!

After that, some mascara, and lastly, Kai put on a statement lip color with Rich Lip Color. The current runway trend is to apply the lip color lightly with a brush, just to ‘stain’ the lips. But if you want a bolder look, then go wild and apply the it right off the tube.

You can just ‘stain’ your lips, or build a stronger color

And here’s the result, voila! Gorgeous, natural, and quick—it was created in just 5 minutes!

Pretty… and powerful!

Not stopping there, Kai Vinson gave guests free consultations, touch-ups and makeovers. Everybody was just so excited, as the combination of his magic hands and Bobbi Brown’s amazing products just couldn’t go wrong.

The lovely Ms. Elvara’s browsing the selection of Bobbi Brown’s products

I’m also going to post my quick chit-chat with Kai Vinson and share his opinion on Indonesian beauties, tips, and top picks. Stay tune!