Liberty of London and Hello Kitty Collaboration

If there’s one thing I would never outgrow is my fondness toward the Hello Kitty character. I don’t know what is it with this cat character created by Sanrio, but I’ve been loving it since I was a child and it doesn’t help that nowadays many products created for adult audience also make Hello Kitty related products.

Liberty of London and MAC Collaboration

Just very recently, another Hello Kitty collaboration product just launched. It’s the Liberty of London and Hello Kitty collaboration that I’m talking about. You might be familiar with Liberty prints from their past collaboration with Target, MAC and Nike, to name a few. But it’s the pretty, feminine and sometimes the distinct very vintage feeling on their prints that get me always drawn to their prints.

Liberty of London and Target Collaboration

Now take that pretty prints and insert Hello Kitty image to it. No, it’s not prints that is only worthy for kids to wear, but one that you would want to wear too! The Liberty and Hello Kitty collection includes a range of luxury cosmetics and fabric in five prints available in eight different colours. It’s already available at Liberty’s website from 26 September but apparently the goods are running quite fast.

Left is the Liberty’s Apple Tree Fabric print, an adaptation of the design Liberty did in 1934 which they combined with the Hello Kitty head. Whereas the right one is the Kitty Wonderland Fabric, Hello Kitty’s fantasy world.

Below are the rest of the prints from the Liberty and Hello Kitty collection.

What do you think about the prints of the above fabrics? Aren’t they’re just too cute! I saw a girl of the video of the Liberty and Hello Kitty launching wearing a dress made from one of the print above. It just made me want to grab a meter or two for a top :)

I also got a chance to snap this very blurry picture from the Liberty 2011 E-Mook (a crossover between a magazine and a book especially made for Japanese market) that features some more prints that are not available on the Liberty website.

As for the rest of the items, you can check them over at the Liberty’s site. The one that I’m dying to get my hands on is the makeup pouch with three items in it.

So what do you think about the overall collection? Do you have any childhood obsession that you can’t seemed to let go either?

Oh, and don’t forget to view the video link above, because you’ll see the COO of Sanrio and the current Hello Kitty designer on that video too.