Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?

Have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9? If you have tell me what you think about them, because I’m really eyeing this gadget.

I think it’s about time that I need to get my hands on one of these tablets on the market considering I spent a lot of my time outside the office for events or meetings. With the Jakarta Fashion Week just around the corner, I really need something light but still be able to support my work.

Here are five reasons why I want to have the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9:

1. The perfect size at 8.9”

When the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 released on it really tickle my interest. Size-wise it’s really perfect because it’s not too big so I don’t have to sheepishly open it when I’m out and about, nor it’s too small so I can’t really do substantive amount of work with it. The design is really stylish, so I can really imagine using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 to carry everywhere with me during the JFW. It’s only 465 gr light and 8.6 mm thin with it’s size at 157,8 (H) x 230,9 (W).

2. Great User Experience with Honeycomb 3.1

With the Honeycomb 3.1, an OS that is better suited to a tablet with big screen, I heard that it gives a really nice user experience. One of the advantages of having this OS is the 3D effects that make flipping between home screens fun and it also allow bigger widgets with more graphical effects. One of the good instances I read is how Google Edition eBook reader widget will allow you to flick through the stack of covers shown on the screen before you pick a book that you will read in full app.

Also, I can download the free apps available at the Android Market and keep myself updated with the latest fashion and beauty news, everywhere I am at that moment. There are plenty apps related to the fashion and beauty available as well that I’m dying to try!

3. Amazing Resolution

Another thing I love about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the 1280×800 WXGA TFT LCD resolution that delivers really clear pictures, bright contrast levels and denser pixel resolution is the great gadget to browse through Fashionese Daily website. When we’re meeting with a client, sometimes they would ask us to show our website. So imagine how useful it is for us to have this tool during our presentation?

I also love how you can enlarge the screen to see details whenever I browse fashion blogs to keep me inspired.

4. Additional Camera

It also comes with a 3MP and 2MP secondary camera. I used to use the same exact camera for my FOTD and EOTD pictures, because it really has an amazing autofocus which if I drew the camera near to my eyes could really focus on the colours I put on my eyes.

What am I planning to do with this camera? To snap the stylish people of Jakarta to be put on our Styletracker. Because with 2048 x 1536 pixels maximum output, it can produce really good picture for our website purposes.


5. My Workstation on the Go

The last reason why I want this gadget so bad is that I finally can leave my 14” notebook behind at the office and can still catch up with my work even when I’m outside the office. All I need is a wireless keyboard and I can even type up the article right after I finish with an event.

So what do you think? Should I buy it or not?

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  • putzsky

    should should should!!! the additional 3,2 MP camera isnt one of the reason I want a Galaxy Tab tho, I mean I still think its kinda weird holding on a galaxy tab when you wanna take pictures! :D The 3G version is very essential unless you’re working in 100% wifi environments and I heard the battery life is pretty good too!.. Overall,I think the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is another tablet winner from Samsung..You really should buy this! :))

  • amaliacute

    definitely should buy! I already use the bigger one (10.1) it is awesome.

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  • uninoy

    berhubung sy masuk tipe fungsional so klo lg ngiler bgt ama sesuatu mikirnya gini “penting, butuh, hrg reasonable ato reachable ya hehehe…deal”

    • DesZeLL

      Butuh! Pembenaran yah ini?

      Tapi bener loh encok kalo bawa-bawa notebook kemana-mana kalo emang seharian harus keluar. Kayaknya inikan light banget jadi nggak bikin encok kalo dibawa-bawa pas acara.

  • Mrs.Flood

    aku juga beli samsung tablet ini tapi yang 10″.. ada beberapa hal sih yang jadi pertimbangan kenapa aku pilih ini daripada ipad.. 1. view untuk browsingnya udah kaya laptop bukan tampilan untuk smartphone, jadinya kalo buka facebook itu tampilannya kaya kalo kita buka di laptop, bukan tampilan fb untuk smartphone.. kedua, kamera dan videonya canggih bow kualitasnya top banget… yang masih kurang sih contohnya belum ada software untuk skype.. tp kan android masih seumur jangung.. jadi soon or later skype pasti ada…

    • putzsky

      Iyah Skype memang agak lelet upgrade software mereka, padahal Galaxy Tab uda ready buat Skype Video Calling…jadi sebenernya sih Samsungnya uda oke, Skype nya aja yang ga keep up sama versi terbaru os android..jadi ga bisa di install secara os android cepet banget update version-nya :D

    • DesZeLL

      Nah ini dia Mrs. Flood yang gue baca juga karena dia udah bukan pakai OS buat Smartphone bener-bener bisa di consider untuk jadi secondary workstation kalo lagi mobile. Tinggal tambahin wireless keyboard ajah.

      Eh videonya beneran canggih yah? Wah enak nih kalau dibawa buat acara.

  • nenglita

    Aduh! Ini menggoda banget, dari beberapa bulan lalu kepikiran tapi masih mencari alasan yang paling masuk akal untuk membeli ini. Tsk..

    • DesZeLL

      Kita setanin kantor ajah yuk yang beli :)

  • DesZeLL

    Kalian ini racun bukan cuman baju dan makeup doang yah. Yang lainnya juga racunnya kencengggggg.

    Padahal gue yah yang nulis tapi kok keracunan sendiri. Bagaimana sih ini?

  • kirana21

    I still choose asus transformer :D with similar price you get similar feature, plus a dock-keyboard to ease typing and also works as extra battery that gives a total of 16h away from electricity plug.

    • DesZeLL

      Kirana, kayaknya buat gue juga masalah brand loyalty. Soalnya gue quite happy with the last two Samsung mobile phones I had. Jadinya begitu dia ngeluarin tablet langsung mengarahnya kesana :)

      Plus I love the clarity of their screen.

  • kirana21

    Nah masalahnya gwnya banci asus hahahaha..very satisfied with my current asus lappie too.

  • kirana21

    But I do agree the 8.9″ is the best size compared to 10.1″ or the 7″ one.

    Kalo udah beli kapan2 aku pinjem yaah *plak*

  • Lena

    Gue juga lagi mikir2 ini beli tablet yg mana, if any. Mayan buat kerja2 pas commute. Cuma yg ribet kalo harus synchronize file across computers, kadang lupa soalnya kerja di mana dan udah ngelakuin apa. Apalagi I work on files that get worked and reworked again, gak langsung jadi. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rent this thing for like, a week, to try it out? Mari komporin jeng Titi :D

    Have you seen the new think Samsung notebook, 13 inch, ringan banget. Harganya jg bagus.

    Alternatively, pernah liat juga netbook yg monitornya bisa jadi tablet (dibalik). This would also work great for me, just gotta get one that’s thin.

    Oh the dilemma!

    • DesZeLL

      I used to own one of those tablet PC Len. It’s quite pricey, Mendingan beli notebook dan tablet ajah terpisah kalau memang notebook adalah main workstation lo.

      Tapi emang enak dibawa kemana-mana ringan. Dan kalau lagi di jalan suka gue balik screennya jadi yang keliatan cuman layarnya ajah buat baca ebook. Which is why I’m dying to get a tablet now :D

  • Hanzky

    Kenapa semua orang lagi pada mikir2 beli sih? Kan gue jadi ikutan panik dan pengen…lol..

    • nenglita

      Lo kan udah ada iPad Han, kalo Samsung kan iPad cina karena pake android (mengutip pernyataan saksi ahli di sidang kasus iPad) :p

      • DesZeLL

        Hits banget deh yah Samsung ini jadinya karena pernyataan saksi ahli ini.

        Jangan sampe harganya naik karena orang pada nyari nih.

  • kirana21

    Lena, yg layarnya bisa diputer itu selain pricey jg ringkih banget deh Len, cepet rusak. My DH used to work with one, office prop. Sejak itu klo ditawarin lagi udah males, mending leptop biasa.

    Kalo cari kek gitu mending asus transformer itu sih IMO. Jd layarnya bisa dicabut jd tab, tp bisa di-dock ke keyboardnya jd semacem netbook.
    Coba elo gugling deh specnya, sapa tau cocok.

  • mskellybag

    Way wah menarik sekali ini, bisa browsing kayak pake notebook :D buruan dibungkus ajah Mal sebelum naek harganya….hehhehe

  • mayavanie

    harganya berapa ya? mau ngebandingin dgn samsung tab 7 yg lagi harga sale

    • DesZeLL

      Kalau nggak salah harganya 5.4 jt deh.

  • vdiana

    Kyknya hari ini baca di kompas harga 4,99 jt dech… one day only.. nah lupa dimana mall-nya
    dengan 18 bulan cicilan 0% (yg banci cicilan :)) … spt biasanya… nih gadget kl kyk gini orang udah antri dr pagi… hehehe… just for a gadget… (tp emang nendang sih diskonnya)…

  • vdiana

    eh mangaaapp… ini yg launching versi 7 inch… :)

    • DesZeLL

      Hi hi jadi bukan yang ini yah *kecewa*

      Eh tapi tadi pagi emang bokap gue bilang sih mengenai harga promo ini.

  • myriarafiz

    yang inii jg promo mandiri kartu krediiit! cicilan started from 299,000 ajah!
    ada di kompas!
    *langsung googling*

    • DesZeLL

      Berapa lama yah itu nyicilnya?

  • NisaRahma

    aduh…,PC tablet dimana2….
    Jd ngiler liatnya…
    apa boleh buat, mahal cuyyy…

    • DesZeLL

      Kalau memang butuh, memang harus nabung kayaknya :D

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