Love Is In Edbe New Collection

How do you usually dress when you’re in love? Do you dress more cheerful and sweet as your heart drums with the sound of your lover’s name? For Eddy Betty, love is translated into a collection of colorful and dynamic clothes that put batik in the center stage through the new collection of Edbe titled “Love is In The Air”. Everyone who attended the fashion show, held at ballroom of Hotel Mulia, could enjoy Eddy Betty’s interpretation of love through orchestration of daring pattern, and also much brighter colors in overlapping composition.

As you look at the pictures of the fashion  show, you’ll find that batik tulis is still the charmer of the collection among cotton, rayon and black-and-white eyelet tenun. Attires that made of colorful batik were presented in the first section of the show. Without any break, it is continued with the section that explores black-and-white fabric.

All those material in the collection are transformed in line with Edbe’s philosophy, “mix don’t match”. You’ll understand the philosophy from the unstructured pattern, unusual combination and details of the clothes. From all the 90 outfits presented that night, you’ll find many jumpsuits, voluminous dresses or skirt, asymmetrical blouse and also sarouel pants. They are all casual without compromising the style.