Skincare 101: When do I put My Medicated Cream or Ointment?

I’m sure there are many people who are confused on when do you actually put your medicated cream or ointment on those many layers of skincare that you need to use everyday. Medicated cream or ointment that I’m talking about here is those creams that are used to treat your skin condition such as acne, scars, redness and others.

Since the medicated cream is used to treat your skin, it should be put in direct contact with your skin. After you cleanse your face thoroughly (and we don’t need to emphasize more on the importance of double cleansing, right?), you can apply your toner afterward if you happened to have on on your skincare regimen and afterward put your medicated cream on top of the skin area that needs to be medicated.

Afterward, you may want to take a couple of minutes for the medication to sink into your skin and dries before you put on everything else. What you might want to check is whether there’s any limitation that is specified by your medicated cream. Some medicated cream will work in adverse effect with several ingredients and this is usually stated in clearly in the manual or packaging box.