No Need To Go To Bali To Get This Dress

When I spend my holiday in Bali, I was always tempted to browse and buy the dresses from the sidewalk kiosks. The dresses were bright enough to color up the holiday and they are also comfortable to be worn in sunny places like our country. As I go home to Jakarta when the holiday ends, they’re still wearable. That’s why my three sisters loved accompanying me to walk around the sidewalk kiosks so we can give opinion about the dresses we’re going to buy. But now we don’t need to go to Bali to buy such dresses. We can get it in just few clicks from Baju Balikulaku Facebook account

Baju Balikulaku has not only the colorful dresses, but also jumpsuits and harem pants. All are as affordable as those sidewalk kiosks in Bali offer. Among all choices, its Tie Dye Jumputan Series is the one that seems most interesting. During my last holiday to Bali this midyear, I saw many sidewalk kiosks that sold tie dye dresses but I didn’t find such delicate and bright colored ones like Baju Balikulaku has. Tie Dye Jumputan Series consist of several maxi dresses, jumpsuits and harem pants that cost quite reasonable. This maxi dress as the photo below costs Rp 150,000, while the harem pants costs Rp 120,ooo and Rp 125,000 for the jumpsuit