Boy Crazy, part 1

One of my favorite places to get new pieces for my daily ensemble is… my husband’s wardrobe. Yes, I am one of those androgyny-loving lady who believes that good menswear adds power to women’s style.

I also believe that it is a classic, not a trend. In fact, we have been seeing menswear style for decades—from Annie Hall to Yohji Yamamoto runway—as they are clean-cut and simple, making them timeless and versatile.

Here are my favorite pieces:

Boyfriend Blazer

Because of his gigantic size, I can never borrow my husband’s outerwear. Yet, I still drool over store-bought men jackets or blazers, either the boxy, oversized ones, or the fitted, feminine version.

Quick tips on wearing this style:

  1. Roll up the blazers’ sleeves! It will give a touch of femininity. Besides, many blazers have cute linings.
  2. You don’t necessarily have to rule out shoulder padding. If you have the body type that can go with it, why not? But if you’re petite and not comfortable about it, ditch the 80s look.
  3. You can pair up blazers with almost anything, but don’t couple them up with matching suit pants or skirts (unless for business meetings). I personally also never pair it with boyfriend jeans—my short figure would be drowned and appear too manly.

Boyfriend shirt

Ah, the simple and sophisticated boyfriend shirt that can do no wrong. It’s effortless, it looks chic on all fitted bottoms, and it can be a great swimsuit cover up. What’s not to love?

Quick tips on wearing this style:

  1. Whatever you wear your boyfriend shirt with, make sure to keep your blouse billowy and not too tailored.
  2. A boyfriend shirt should be long enough to hit below your bottom, much like tunics. Try to find a shirt that’s big enough to be long, but that still fits reasonably well around the shoulders.
  3. The common way to wear an oversized boyfriend shirt is by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttons the first few buttons, as it balances out the masculinity. But for the slightly fitted shirts, try to button up everything, to the collar and even the sleeves. Add a statement necklace, and you’d look awesomely edgy.
  4. Don’t just think white, long sleeved shirts! My friend loves wearing his boyfriend’s plaid, short-sleeved shirt. Tuck the baggy shirt into skinny jeans, and you’re ready to go.