5 Fashion Essentials For Plus-Size Woman

A plus-size woman shouldn’t think that their choices of clothing are limited to shapeless and frumpy outfits. With the right fashion essentials, plus size woman can look stylish everyday. Basically, those essentials for plus size woman are apparels that both versatile and figure friendly so we’re able to mix and match them with the other pieces. Here they are:

1. Shapewear

Before taking steps on the clothes, let’s build a good foundation for clothing with shapewear. Wearing shapewear doesn’t mean that we aren’t thankful of our body shape, on the other hands, it will help us contouring and defining our curves in the right places. When you’re going to buy a shapewear, first of all you need to decide which body part that needs the support of a shapewear. Are you going to lessen the bulge around your torso,  just want make your hips and thighs look a bit slimmer, or something else?

If you are looking for a shapewear, you should check Yokekomik’s thread at Market Plaza. You’ll find hidden treasure there that will help take inches off your waist.

2. Well fit blazer

Don’t be afraid to layer your clothes with blazer. A perfect blazer should not make you look bulky, instead it’s supposed to make you look polished. Get a blazer that really fits your body to flatter your silhouette. Black is the must have color. For more safe yet versatile choices, you can opt for navy, grey or brown.

Tips: If you find it hard to get a blazer that perfectly hugs your body, buy a blazer with the style or color that you like with larger size than your real size, then bring it to the tailor for some adjustments.

3. Perfect pair of jeans

A perfect pair of jeans is undoubtedly essential for every woman, including those with plus size.  Finding the right jeans might not be easy, but don’t give up until you find the ones that truly make you happy and comfortable. We truly recommend Levi’s Curve ID. The system doesn’t emphasize on sizes, but curves, which is a great way of trying to find a pair that fits perfectly.

Tips: To balance out the body figure of plus-size woman, go for straight-cut jeans that hangs between your hips and your waist.

4. Wrap dress

Once a woman has a great dress, she’ll always have something to wear. And the best style for plus-size woman is wrap dress. A wrap dress is essential because it has classic silhouette that never goes out of style. Moreover, wrap dress accentuates woman’s waist line and hides the tummy bulge. Some wrap dresses are designed with flexible measurement too by loosening or tightening up the belt. Either it is a LBD as your fashion investment, or printed wrap dress for casual occasion, make sure you have at least one piece in your closet.

5. Wide belt

Whenever you’re wearing shape-less blouse or dress, belt is your savior to create your silhouette. Wide belt is the greatest choice for plus-size women. However, never pick a belt that is as wide as a corset since it will reveal your tummy bulge instead of concealing it.


What do you think about fashion for plus-size woman? Do you think there’s other fashion essentials need to be added on the list?


Images from asos.com, avenue.com, essentialapparel.com, shine.yahoo.com