Indonesian Designers Show Their Best At World Batik Summit

Many of us must have heard that Indonesia hosted World Batik Summit 2011 that was held from September 28 to October 2, 2011, at Jakarta Convention Center. For those who have no idea about the summit, it is an event that gathers countries that love batik and take interest in it. They are Unites States, Australia, Netherlands, China, Philippines, UK, Japan, German, Malaysia, France and Tunisia. The summit featured international conference about batik, batik exhibition, batik photo exhibition, gala dinner and fashion show. The last I mentioned was the one that I truly wanted to attend. I believed that Indonesian designers would show their best in this prestigious event but unfortunately it’s difficult for me to get the access to the fashion show.

To my surprise, the photos and press release of the fashion show that was held on Cultural Evening Performance of World Batik Summit was sent to our office. My disappointment of being unable watching the fashion show disappeared as I could enjoy it from the photos. There are 7 Indonesian designers who got the chances to demonstrate their ability to design using batik. They are Anne Avantie, Bi Batik, Carmanita, Chossy Latu, Parang Kencana, Danar Hadi, Ramli and Sebastian Gunawan.


As usual, what we can see from Anne’s collection is the graceful and glimmering kebaya. This time, she tried to match contemporary kebaya with batik that has classic motif from Solo and Jogjakarta.


I never heard of  Bi Batik before, but its collection that night was quite interesting. Bi Batik created contemporary-style apparel that influenced with Japanese style using batik from Madura, Bantul, Cirebon and combined with non-traditional fabric.


Carmanita tried to be more playful and as she designed the dresses with bright-colored classic batik in loose silhouette.


Chossy chose monochrome batik with floral and butterfly motif and transform it into 40’s-inspired apparels. By seeing this collection, I guess you can notice that Chossy likes to infused 40’s era to his design as he did on the last JFW.


Looking for formal attires for you and your spouse, you’ll get it from Danar Hadi. Range of men shirt and long gown showcased have elegant motif of batik.


Parang Kencana also focused its collection on long gown and men shirt like Danar Hadi did. The difference is Parang Kencana picked more batik with gradation of softer color such as turquoise, grey and purple.


These tops, shawl and maxi skirt above are created by Ramli using batik prada.


I’ve never seen Sebastian Gunawan designed with batik before. With this collection that uses Pekalongan batik, his creations are as pretty and ladylike as I expected.

Do you have any favorite from all those collection above?


Photos by Arselan Ganin